Emotional community attends coyote meeting


More than 200 peple attended the Regional Coyote meeting at McGaugh Elementary School in Seal Beach Wednesday night, Sept. 10. Residents called for action, suggested ideas ranging from eraddicating coyotes to sterilization to carrying a flashlight/stun gun.

A representative of the California Department of Fish and Wildlife said you were not going to erradicate the coyotes.

Mayor Ellery Deaton said the purpose of the meeting was to listen to ideas come up with a coyote management plan for Seal Beach. Deaton said she would like the coyote sub-committee to look at sterilization.

However, various area residents called for trapping and or killing coyotes.

After the meeting, at least one resident expressed disasisfaction with the event.

What a disappointment. They had their so called experts up there who appeared extremely uninterested and couldn’t even present a plan. I think the mayor wants to do something about the problem but I doubt it will be anything aggressive.,” said Theresa Hew.

Emotional community attends coyote meeting