Crime Log: Police arrest juvenile for DUI after 100+ mph pursuit ends in crash

Seal Beach Police Department

Seal Beach Police, assisted by Wesminster officers, arrested a teenage boy Monday, Dec. 18, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol following a car crash in the city of Westminster. A passenger in the car complained of pain and was taken to a hospital. Two other passengers were apparently unharmed and were released at the scene.

According to Seal Beach Police Sgt. Michael Henderson, the department’s public information officer, it began at about 3:10 p.m., when an officer tried to stop a motorist at Seal Beach Boulevard and Westminster Avenue.

But the driver didn’t stop. A pursuit ensued eastbound on Westminster Avenue. When the suspect car exceeded 100 mph, the Seal Beach Police canceled the  pursuit.

According to Henderson, there is no hard and fast number for when a pursuit is canceled, but given the circumstances police considered it prudent to discontinue the chase.

Shortly after Seal Beach Police canceled the pursuit, the car crashed into a parked car in the city of Westminster.

The driver fled on foot. He was captured shortly after that with the assistance of Westminster Police Department officers.

Police determined the driver was a juvenile, so they will not be reeleasing informaiton about him.

Pre-trial hearing held in Seal Beach sexual battery case

For the Sun

A pre-trial hearing was held Wednesday, Dec. 20, in the case of a Torrance man accused of misdemeanor sexual battery on a woman at a Seal Beach gas station in July. Adel Rezkallaa, 45, of Torrance, entered please of not guilty to charges of battery and touching an intimate part of another person.

The next hearing in the case has been scheduled for February 2018. A preliminary hearing has not yet been scheduled.

The Orange County District Attorney’s Office filed the court case in September. Now prosecutors are asking the public for information about anyone else who might have been victimized.

On Tuesday, July 25 of this year, a woman contacted the Seal Beach Police Department and reported that a gas station employee had touched her in an inappropriate and sexual manner.  The victim had reportedly gone to the Unocal 76 gas station, at 13980 Seal Beach Blvd., to buy gas for her car.

According to prosecutors, the victim, a 29-year-old woman, went to the gas station and bought lottery tickets from the cashier, who has been identified as Rezkallaa.

According to prosecutors, Rezkallaa, followed the woman out of the gas station and grabbed both of her breasts from behind.  She contacted Seal Beach Police and reportedly identified Rezkallaa as the suspect.  After an investigation, Rezkallaa was arrested and taken to the Orange County Jail.  He was released on $500 bail on Aug. 10, according to the Orange County Superior Court website. Prosecutors are asking anyone with more information about the case to contact OCDA Supervising Investigator Billy Hester at 714-896-7161.

Crime Log Compiled by Christopher Alighire and David N. Young

Friday, December 1

Burglary—3:29 p.m.—Lampson Avenue— Police arrested Jonathan Casares on suspicion of burglary from an open garage with no forced entry.

Disorderly Conduct—No time reported—Main Street—Police arrested Daniel Arreguin on suspicion of drunken disorderly conduct. The report provided no further details.

Disorderly Conduct—1:30 a.m.—Main Street—Police arrested Chardon Turner on suspicion of drunken disorderly conduct. The report provided no further details.

Sunday, December 3

Forgery—1:47 a.m.—Main Street—Police arrested Christian Oberst on suspicion of possession of a false identification to commit forgery. The report provided no further details.

Monday, December 4

Battery—5:25 p.m.—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Shantele Johnson on suspicion of assault and battery on a man.

Sunday, December 5

Arrest—3:48 p.m.— Westminster Boulevard—Police stopped a car and performed a field sobriety test on the driver. The officer arrested Adrian Villarreal on suspicion of drunken driving.

Sunday, December 10

Violate Civil Rights—Main Street—Police arrested Samuel Wickwire on suspicion of violating the civil rights of a woman by force.

Tuesday, November 14

Theft—11:39 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—Police and store security coordinated a wild chase inside Kohl’s department store (in Seal Beach) after a suspicous individual with gloves and two women accomplices were thought to be shoplifting. The chase went through various store departments and even ended up with police watching the suspected getaway car outside. The suspects reportedly put down merchandise from which they had removed the tags and apparently fled the scene.

Wednesday, November 15

Loitering—8:14 a.m.—Katella Avenue—Police were called to Katella Avenue to investigate a suspect reportedly loitering and keeping a wary eye on local children. Los Alamitos police were unable to locate the suspect.

Beeping Bin—9:44 a.m.—Howard Avenue—A resident reported something suspcious beeping in a trash bin on Howard Avenue. Officers determined it was a discarded burglar alarm in the bin and simply removed the battery.

Thursday, November 16

Wandering Man—12:40 a.m.—Old Ranch Parkway—Los Alamitos Police Department officers were called to Old Ranch Parkway (in Seal Beach) where an individual was said to be hanging around a local restaurant where employees had reported broken windows and potential past vandalism caused by the suspect. He began wandering into the street after which Los Alamitos officers transferred the investigation to the California Highway Patrol and a Spanish-speaking translator.

Friday, November 17

Assist Hospital Security—7:16 p.m.—Police were called to assist security at the Los Alamitos Medical Center after a patient apparently wanted to check out on his own terms. The man told police he was being retained in a room, which he was, after apparently trying to flee from the emergency room doors. Police counseled the man, spoke with nurses and called his father.

Suspicious CIrcumstances—11:14 p.m.—Bunker Hill—Police were called to check out a man who residents complained had been walking through the neighborhood asking crazy questions and wanted to know some places where “rich people go.” The man also “kept staring” at the caller’s daughter in the car. Police are looking to question an individual described as a white man in his early 20s in the case.

Saturday, November 18

The Shining—3:33 a.m.—Police were called to Cherry Street where a neighbor apparently  kept shining some sort of light into the caller’s daughter’s bedroom.  Police showed up at the source of the light and read the law to the light shiner who promptly agreed to stop shining the light.

Domestic Disturbance—6:28 p.m.—Reagan Street—One resident from Reagan Street was rushed to the hospital after a 68-year-old woman had some kind of spell. The enraged woman apparently tried to scratch her sister with the hanger but slightly injured herself. Police said the woman was then transported to the hospital for observation and treatment as family members and other caregivers were counseled at the location.