Crime Log: Los Al police release sketch of attempted murder suspect

Suspect in violent carjacka try. Sketch courtesy of Los Alamitos Police Department

On Thursday, Dec. 30, Los Alamitos Police released a sketch of a man wanted for firing a gun during a botched carjacking in November. No one was injured during the crime.

The man is wanted for attempted carjacking and attempted murder. He is described as white or Hispanic, in his late teens, approximately 5 feet 8 to inches to 5 feet 10 inches tall, with brown hair and a medium build.

The sketch appeared on the Los Alamitos Police Department Web site along with a request for  the public’s assistance in finding the man.

As previously reported in the Sun, two men approached a 66-year-old Los Alamitos resident when her car stopped at the intersection of Bloomfield Avenue and San Bonito Avenue on Sunday night, Nov.  28.

Police say she was ordered out of her car, but was too startled to respond.

One of the two men, apparently impatient with her failure to comply, took out a dark semi-automatic handgun and fired a single gunshot through a passenger closed window. Fortunately, the bullet did not strike the driver and she was alone in the car.

The window shattered and the two suspects fled, apparently frightened by the noise created by the gunshot.

Los Alamitos Police Capt. Bruce McAlpine confirmed that the sketch is of the gunman, based on the description provided by the 66-year-old crime victim.

“Basically, her primary focus was on the person with the weapon,” McAlpine said. “As you can imagine.”

He said the description of the other suspect was similar.

“Right now, we’re concentrating on the suspect who actually had the handgun,” McAlpine said.

McAlpine said police were releasing the sketch of the suspect and asking for the public’s help because they don’t have a lot of leads.

A copy of the sketch may be found at the Los Alamitos Police Department blog at Police are asking anyone with information about the suspect to phone Detective Paul Barbieri at (562) 431-2255.

SBPD nabs one drunk driver at New Year’s checkpoint

The Seal Beach Police Department made one DUI arrest at the New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day traffic checkpoint.

According to Cpl. Phil Gonshak, 1,098 cars passed through the checkpoint. Of those, 340 were screened by police. Two drivers were given field sobriety tests.

One driver was arrested for driving under the influence.

Three other individuals were arrested for outstanding warrants.

Two cars were towed, one because the driver wasn’t licensed and the other because of the DUI arrest.

The department issued 10 citations.

Crime Log Assembled by Charles M. Kelly

The crimes listed in the Sun Newspapers were reported to Seal Beach Police Department, Los Alamitos Police Department and Orange County Sheriff Department between Dec. 20, 2010 and  Jan. 1, 2011.

Only street names are used; times given are reported times, not incident times.

Crime Log entries are based on preliminary information. Space limitations make it impossible to publish every incident. Until proven guilty in a court of law, all suspects are considered innocent.


Monday, December 20

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—5:55 a.m.—4th Street  and Marina Drive—A man driving a white Ford Explorer was reportedly holding a flashlight as he drove and looking into vehicles.

Wednesday, December 22

Grand Theft Report—11:59 a.m.—College Park Drive—Loss: the power supply from an electrical/junction box. Six batteries valued at $150 each were stolen. The collective value of the stolen batteries made this a case of grand theft.

Vehicle Burglary—5:28 p.m.—Westminster Avenue—Loss: the rear row of seats from a Chevy Tahoe. Report taken.

Thursday, December 23

Petty Theft—9:10 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller reported the loss of a wallet on Thursday, Dec. 23. The caller’s wallet was taken sometime Wednesday, Dec. 22. The caller was now receiving reports that charges were made to the caller’s credit cards. No suspect information. Report taken.

Friday, December 24

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—2:54 a.m.—Catalina Avenue—A driver in a white van was going up and down the street, running up to residences with a flashlight. The caller thought the man in the van might have taken a package that belonged to the caller. The suspect was described as a white man in a blue mechanic’s jumpsuit. The suspect was last seen traveling westbound on Catalina Avenue.

Found Property—6:59 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—An unknown person turned in a wallet to security personnel at the location. Log entry.

Counseling—3:34 p.m.—Bayou Way—The caller was visiting from another community and was just advised by her bank that someone had withdrawn all the money from her account. She was advised to contact the detective working her case and was given literature on identity theft.

Theft—5:58 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—According to the caller, a male customer left Target wearing a new pair of shoes after swapping them out for old shoes he had apparently worn when he entered the store. He was described as white, 28 years old, wearing a gray shirt and blue jeans. The caller said the man was seen near Wells Fargo bank, taking a bag from the bushes. Police unit 216 arrested a suspect for commercial burglary.

Saturday, December 25

Suspicious Person—4:53 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a man was in front of the doors of a business, watching the employees set up to open. The caller described the man as possibly being a transient. Police unit 216 contacted a man who was described in the police log as a transient. It turned out no further police services were necessary. the man was getting coffee.

Sunday, December 26

Animal Noise—12:50 a.m.—2nd Street—The caller said a neighbor’s dog had been barking for the past half hour and there were lights on inside the residence.

The caller believed something might be wrong inside. Police unit 217 checked.

The dog was in the back yard. Police unit 217 was unable to locate any suspicious or illegal activity.

Seal Beach does not presently have a barking dog ordinance.

Disturbance, Juveniles—1:01 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—The caller said a group of juveniles on bikes were following the caller and taking pictures. Police unit 1127 counselled both parties.

Welfare Check—3:50 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—A woman out front was holding a baby as she reportedly begged for money. The caller was concerned about the child. Police unit 116 interviewed the woman in the field.


Tuesday, December 28

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—8:51 p.m.—Tucker Lane—Two individuals were detained. A deputy determined they were soliciting subscriptions for a daily newspaper.

Wednesday, December 29

Suspicious Person in Vehicle—8:16 p.m.—Wembley Road—A deputy found nothing suspicious taking place. The so-called suspicious person was warned and left the area.

Thursday, December 30

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—7:30 p.m.—Yellowtail Drive—A caller reported that lights were on inside a house while the residents were on vacation. A deputy checked the house and found it was secure.


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—1:56 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—A woman described as “strange” was reported outside a liquor store. She had been picked up by someone in a vehicle by the time a deputy arrived.

Crime Log: Los Al police release sketch of attempted murder suspect