Crime Log: Los AL police offer public personal safety tips


Following the recent robberies of four 15-year-olds in three separate attacks, the Los Alamitos Police Department offered following personal safety tips:

  • Be aware of your surroundings. Headphones and other distractions divert your attention and you may not hear or notice persons approaching you.
  • Trust your intuition. If you feel threatened or something doesn’t feel right, take action immediately.
  • Travel with groups of friends.
  • Know where there are safe places in the areas where you live, work and play, such as where there are groups of people and other activity.
  • Avoid shortcuts that take you through alleys, passageways, and other isolated areas.
  • Don’t let strangers get too close to you, even if they seem to have a reason. Protect your personal space.
  • Carry as few items of value as possible. Be discreet with your belongings.
  • Walk with a purpose. Know where you are going ahead of time.
  • Have a plan before you see trouble. Be prepared to cross a street or duck into a store, if needed.
  • Carry a small amount of cash, and only the credit cards that you intend to use.
  • If carrying a wallet, carry it in a front pocket.
  • Leave your expensive electronics and jewelry at home.
  • Don’t wear clothing or shoes that restrict your movement.
  • Do not resist or take action that would jeopardize your own safety. Your property is not worth injury or worse.
  • If victimized, make mental notes of the suspect’s appearance, suspect’s vehicle description, and, if possible, memorize the vehicle license plate.
  • If you see a suspicious person or situation, do not hesitate to call the police immediately. In Los Alamitos, dial (562) 594-7232. In Seal Beach, dial (562) 799-4100. In an emergency, call 911.

Crime Log Compiled
by Charles M. Kelly


Monday, January 17

Vehicle Burglary—9:46 a.m.—5th Street and Ocean Avenue—Someone took a checkbook from a man’s vehicle sometime during the previous week.

911 Hang-up—1:22 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway—Dispatched called back. It turned out the phone company was testing the line.

The business was having phone trouble.

Medical Aid—4:35 p.m.—12th Street—The caller said two elderly men fell while one was trying to get the other out of a vehicle. One man was bleeding a lot from his face. The Orange County Fire Authority was en route. Police unit 107 determined that both men were drunk. Neighbors escorted them home.

Illegal Peddler—5:38 p.m.—Sandpiper Drive—The caller said a man was selling magazines without a license. The caller thought he might be casing the area. Police unit 207 interviewed him in the field.

Tuesday, January 18

Extra Patrol Checks Requessted—9:56 a.m.—Apollo Court—The caller said there was an on-going problem with a transient sleeping in the trash bin located  near the building. The so-called transient was apparently there every morning. Call printed for briefing. Log entry.

Patrol Check—2:07 p.m.—Fir Avenue—A man knocked on the caller’s door about 20 minutes earlier. When she didn’t answer the door, the man looked in the front window. The woman then went into her backyard and found the man there. He told her that he was looking for his cat. She was advised to call 911 if he returned. Log entry.

Wednesday, January 19

Water Problem—2:58 p.m.—Bluebell—A citizen, relaying second-hand information, said the sprinklers in the park had been on all day. Referred to Public Works.

Residential  Burglary—4:50 p.m.—Sea Breeze Drive—Loss: the caller’s money clip. The caller believed the crime occurred around 1 p.m. The caller was home and heard a noise. He checked at the time, but did not discover a loss until the time of the call to police. Report taken.

Thursday, January 20

Patrol Check—3:20 a.m.—Apollo Court—Police unit 241 observed signs of transient occupation in the trash bin area (empty beer cans).

Suspicious Vehicle—9:58 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller reported an unoccupied car with a door open. Police unit 106 found no evidence of a crime and closed the door. Assisted.

Extra Patrol Check Requested—1:13 p.m.—Almond and Violet—The caller said unknown vehicles were parking in the area for an extended period of time. The caller believed they were possibly involved with drug or other suspicious activity. Police unit M7 determined there was no further need for police services. Log entry.

Skateboarders—5:52 p.m.—Marlin and Balboa—The caller said there was a group of young skateboarders on Marline. The caller said they had a cone up for traffic, but were wearing dark clothing and were hard to see.

Friday, January 21

Counseling—10:54 a.m.—First Street—The caller said a group of individuals who had been working out just walked on the concrete and ruined the finish. Counseled.

Vehicle Burglary—5:08 p.m.—Lampson Avenue—Point of entry: a punched door lock. Loss: a back pack, computer, wallet, purse and credit cards. Report taken.

Burglary Report—7:30 p.m.—14th Street—Occurred between 2 and 5 p.m. Loss: a laptop and a purse.

Point of entry: an unlocked front door. Report taken.

Saturday, January 22

Graffiti—7:11 a.m.—7th Street and Ocean Avenue—The caller reported a green swastika on a garbage can near the palm trees on the sand. Report taken.

Trafic Hazard—10:10 a.m.—Westminster—The caller told 911 that an electrical power line was hanging low on the northside of the street.

Police unit 107 placed caution tape around the line, which was hanging approximately five feet from the ground.

Assist Other Agency—3:18 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and 12th Street—A possible fire was reported in a trash bin to the rear of the location. Orange County Fire Authority was en route.

The trash bin was against the building. According to the caller, there was a large amount of smoke. OCFA put out the fire. The cause of the fire was unknown.

The trash bin was secured in a locked structure. There was no damage to the trash bin or the structure. Assisted.

Suspicious Person—8:28 p.m.—Fourth Street—The caller said a man had walked the block three times. The caller thought the man might be disoriented or drunk because he was walking in the street. Police unit 207 contacted the man and sent him on his way.


Friday, January 13

Suspicious Occupied Vehicle—4:44 a.m.— Howard Avenue.

Suspicious Circumstance—5:50 p.m.—Florista and Los Alamitos Boulevard.

Saturday, January 14

Suspicious Person—1:17 a.m.—Los Alamitos Boulevard.

Friday, January 20

Suspicious Person—2:47 p.m.— Los Alamitos Boulevard—The caller said a male age 30-40, wearing a denim shirt, was walking around checking doors to vehicles.

The man left in a tan colored Toyota Camry. The caller wanted to inform police in case any vehicle burglaries were reported. Long entry.

Petty Theft—6:06 p.m.—Walnut Street—The caller said the lock had been sawed off the caller’s unattached garage. Damage to the latch was estimated to be $200 with parts and labor.

Wednesday, January 25

Extra Patrol Check Requested—11:01 a.m.—Los Alamitos Boulevard—The caller requested extra patrols around lunchtime due to ongoing issues with disruptive juveniles who loiter in front of the location, cursing, smoking and fighting. Beat unit advised.


Monday, January 23

Burglary in Progress—12:20 p.m.—Blume Drive—An arrest was made as a result of this call.

Tuesday, January 24

Burglary Report—9:54 a.m.—Donovan Road.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—11:50 a.m.—Quail Run Road.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—12:26 p.m.—Copa De Oro Drive.

Burglary Report—1:05 p.m.—Silverwood Drive.

Burglary Report—1:56 p.m.—Donovan Road.

Wednesday, January 25

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—1:48 p.m.—Woodstock Road.

Suspicious Person in Vehicle—2:31 p.m.—Martha Ann Drive and Coleridge Drive.

Thursday, January 26

Burglary in Progress—10:27 a.m.—Foster Road.

Burglary Report—12:17 p.m.—Brimhall Drive.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—12:36 p.m.—Yellowtail Drive.

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—7:18 p.m.—Druid Lane.

Friday, January 27

Suspicious Person or Circumstances—9:01 a.m.—Inverness Drive.

Suspicious Person in Vehicle—3:44 p.m.—Harrisburg Road and Kittrick Drive.

Saturday, January 28

Disturbance—1:49 a.m.—Los Alamitos Boulevard.

Ted Apodaca of the News-Enterprise contributed to this article.

Crime Log: Los AL police offer public personal safety tips