Crime Log

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Tuesday, May 17

• Car Burglary (Priority 3)—8:48 a.m.—First Street—A citizen flagged down a police unit to report that sometime between 7 p.m. and 7:30 a.m., someone took a backpack, a laptop, a passport, and checkbooks from a car. Point of entry: a smashed window.

• Suspicious Occupied Car (Priority 3)—Ocean Place—Police received a report of someone living in a van at the location for the past two days. The number of occupants was unknown. Police determined that the van in question was occupied by a surfer who worked on a computer in his van between sessions. He was not sleeping in the van. Police counseled him about the Seal Beach Municipal Code. He said he was not in violation of the code. He goes home at night. Police determined there was no crime at that time.

Wednesday, May 18

• Transients (Priority 3)—10:05 a.m.—A police unit contacted 12 unhoused individuals and offered them resources via Orange County Health Care Agency. Orange County Transportation Agency/405 projected notified for clean up.

• Property Destruction—10:07 a.m.—First Street—The reporting person came to Seal Beach Police Headquarters because he had a firearm he wanted to turn in for destruction.

• Hazard (Priority 3)—4:15 p.m.—College Park Drive (College Park West)—A 40-foot tree branch covered the driveway. The tree was located on the parkway in front of the home. As of 4:47 p.m., police called Public Works. As of 4:56 p.m., police determined that a city tree branch fell onto a driveway. There was no damage to any property. Police advised the reporting person that Public Works would respond in a few minutes to clear the driveway.

Friday, May 20

• Disturbance (Priority 2)—7:15 p.m.—Oakmont Road—Two neighbors were involved in a dispute over a dog bite. One resident was attempting collect money for the damages. As of 7:16 p.m., security was president. It turned out that the dog bite occurred earlier in the week. The parties were counseled on civil legal process and freedom of speech.

Saturday, May 21

• Transient (Priority 3)—6:07 p.m.—Marina Drive—Police received a report that a man on a bench had items all around him. As of 6:39 p.m., police determined that he was not doing anything illegal.

• Disturbing Noise (Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The reporting person requested that police ask the man playing music to please turn it down a few notches. Checks.

Sunday, May 22

• Disturbing Individual (Priority 2)—1:42 a.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—Someone in a pick-up truck occupied by four individuals was firing what might have been paintballs. One individual on Main Street was struck. As of 1:44 a.m., the reporting person was not sure if it was a paintball or a pellet gun. As of 1:45 a.m., it may have been an airsoft. The reporting person didn’t see any paint remnants. Log item.

Monday, May 23

• Citizen Assist (Priority 3)—9:45 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—An individual came to the lobby of police headquarters looking for homeless resources.

• Welfare Check (Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—Police were told that a woman with no shoes appeared to be stumbling. Police contacted the woman near PCH and Seal Beach Boulevard. She declined resources.

• Property for Destruction (Priority 4)—1:24 p.m.—Fairfield Lane—A man came to the lobby of Seal Beach Police Department Headquarters. He had two large military-style knifes in the truck of his car that he apparently wanted to turn in for destruction.

Tuesday, May 24

• Stray Animal (Priority 3)—9:58 a.m.—Catalina Avenue and Surf Place (The Hill)—The reporting person said a woman was trying to get back her dog. He had been chasing another dog. After contacting the reporting person, police tried to help the dog owner (described as a “him” in the log) get the dog back in the house. As of 10:25 a.m., the dog was secure in the residence.

Wednesday, May 25

• Transient (Priority 3)—9:42 a.m.—Westminster Avenue—A woman with crutches was giving customers a hard time at the front door. As of 9:50 a.m., she had refused services and was moving along.

• Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—Del Monte Drive (Mutual 12, Leisure World)—The reporting person reported the theft of a bike from a carport. The bike was valued at $120. The bike was not locked.

Thursday, May 26

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—3:46 p.m.—First Street and Pacific Coast Highway—The reporting person was riding her bike when she saw a man walking on First Street, puling the door handles of cars as he walked toward Pacific Coast Highway. Police were unable to locate the suspicious man.

Saturday, May 28

• Disturbance (Priority 2)—12:49 p.m.—Main Street (Old Town)—The reporting person, relaying second-hand information, told police that a transient individual (no further information was provided in the log) was having a verbal argument with another individual. They were gone when police arrived.

Sunday, May 29

• Burglary Report (Priority 3)—3:53 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—Sometime during the night, someone took an unspecified amount of cash from the cash register. Point of entry: a smashed window. Report taken.

Monday, May 30

• Municipal Code Complaint (Priority 3)—Third Street and Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—Police received a report of a man and a woman walking two pitbull dogs.

One dog was leashed and the other was off-leash. Police were unable to locate the dogs or their walkers after searching from First to Eighth on Ocean Avenue.