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Friday, September 3

• Fraud Report—(Priority 3)—McKinney Way—1:07 p.m.—The reporting person was reportedly scammed out of an undisclosed amount of money.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—1:43 p.m. – Someone took the reporting person’s purse, containing her wallet, while she wasn’t looking.

The crime occurred within a 20 minute time frame. Employees looked at footage to try and identify the individual.

• Disturbing Party—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—10:29 p.m.—The reporting person said there was a loud party outside of her residence, possibly in a hot tub. Officers on scene checked the area and found no one in the spa or any loud noises.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—10:29 a.m.—A male individual in a camo hoodie was seen with a knife sheath on his belt. According to the reporting person, the individual was sitting on a parking cement barrier. He was not holding anything in his hands and did not appear to be homeless.

The reporting person watched the individual and did not see him move from the barrier he was sitting on.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Montecito Road—10:29 a.m.—The reporting person was concerned over receiving calls from an undisclosed caller. The caller said they were from the Victim Advocate Center regarding a possible crime. The reporting person felt as though they were being scammed.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—11:54 a.m.—The reporting person’s ex-mother-in-law  entered the reporting person’s residence on Aug. 7, just to get her belongings, but refused to leave. Officers advised that the issue was a civil matter and the reporting person was advised of the eviction process.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway—12:46 p.m.—According to the reporting person, an individual was seen yelling in the courtyard of a business complex.

The reporting person did not see any weapons on the individual. The individual left the area prior to the responding officers arrival, stated by a bystander.

• Auto Theft—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—4:30 p.m.—The reporting person’s black 2001 Chevy Suburban was taken within a four-hour window. The reporting person had parked the car and left to play a round of golf. Upon his return to the car’s location, the car was gone.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—Galleon Way—9:18 p.m.—The reporting person reported their truck being ransacked sometime throughout the day. The only loss reported was the reporting person’s work keys.

Saturday, September 4

• Patrol Check—(Priority 3)—13th Street—1:43 p.m.—The reporting person confronted an individual who continuously rode his motorized scooter through the alley between 12th Street and 13th Street. According to the reporting person the motorized scooter was very loud and speeding.

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—Main Street—1:45 p.m.—The reporting person advised of a musician playing loud amplified music.

Wednesday, September 8

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—11:20 a.m.—The reporting person witnessed an individual take a Fosters beer and other items from inside a store.

The individual then put the items in their bag and left the store without paying. Employees were not aware of the individual taking the items. The reporting person confronted the individual, who seemed disoriented. Employees were contacted and requested no further assistance on the incident and kept the item inside the store.

• Property Destruction—(Priority 4)—Interlachen Road—11:20 a.m.—The reporting person was listing a residence for sale and found a handgun inside. The reporting person did not know what kind of gun it was or if it was loaded. The former resident who passed away and a female resident who recently had moved out of state told the reporting person to dispose of the gun.

The reporting person did not feel comfortable bringing the gun to the station.

It was determined that the gun was a single shot pellet gun. The gun was located in the master bedroom closet in a bag labeled “Old Gun.”

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Main Street—3:33 p.m.—A female individual was seen wrapped in a blue blanket with no top on.

The reporting person believed the individual to be pregnant. Officers on scene determined that the individual was fully clothed.

The individual did not want to leave the area because the citizens in the area were trying to find her a place to live.

• Illegal Peddler—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—4:08 p.m.—A female individual was seen holding a small baby. She held a sign and asked for money.

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway and Main Street—7:08 p.m.—An elderly male was getting ready to cross Pacific Coast Highway towards Chase Bank.

According to the reporting person the male individual felt and looked like he was not feeling well.

The reporting person said he saw the individual keep stopping and hold onto something, then continue walking.

Crime Log