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For dog park

We read with interest Penny and John Gower’s letters to the editor opposing the Zoeter Park Dog Park (“Letters to the Editor,” Sun Newspapers, Thursday, Oct. 21). They did not give any specific reason for their objection so we visited the provisional dog park this week. We found it to be clean, double gated, signs posting reasonable rules, plenty of dog toys for tug of war or balls to chase. The large trees on the North end provided dense shade. We are not sure why the fence is opaque. There was a mud puddle from the recent sprinklers. No dog messes or trash. Overall a meaningful addition to Seal Beach Old Town. Mark us in favor of the Zoeter Park Dog Park.

Gracie and Weldon Nickerson

Remove ‘dog park’ area

Hello, I love our small town and the wonderful green spaces we have. Even more, we have an open Zoeter field with furry guests that visit throughout the day. Those who live in Seal Beach know that Zoeter is a place to kick a soccer ball around, set a blanket out for a picnic, and pet some waggy-tail friends. The park does not need to get smaller for both two-legged and four-legged friends. Putting up a dog park fence does just that. I say keep the park open and remove the “dog park” area. Let all have a little space to enjoy.

Christina Duron-Yu

Seal Beach

Teachers union opposes LAUSD recall

The Los Alamitos Education Association Representative Council adamantly opposes the recall of Los Alamitos Unified School Board members. We oppose the recall because it is opposed to teachers, to equal access to public education, and our democratic norms. The recall attempt poses an existential threat to our students, our district, our community, our schools, and our collective values.

We oppose the recall because it is designed to drain funds from our school district, knowingly diverting and depleting needed public resources that are earmarked for educational purposes. The Los Alamitos Unified School District is responsible for all recall expenses. Credible sources estimate that the cost to our district and the impact on our student population, could be as much as $232,000. The district would absorb the cost of all aspects of the recall, including verifying each petition signature, estimated to exceed $3 per signature.

We oppose the recall because supporters of it have engaged in aggressive campaigns targeting our teachers, administrators, and our district’s efforts to provide a quality education for all of our students. They oppose the individual student, oppose open intellectual inquiry, and discourage student engagement in a free and democratic society.

We oppose the recall because it is being supported, funded, and fostered mostly by people and interests with limited connections to the Los Alamitos school community. These individuals drive the campaign, but it is our students and our community that will suffer its impacts. A recall poses a danger to all stakeholders.

We oppose the recall because, as a unified body of educators and educated citizens, we know that the risk of silence is too great; the costs are too high to sit on the sidelines at this crucial moment in time. Teachers of the Los Alamitos Unified School District stand together in opposition to the proposed recall of members of our duly elected school board.

Stacy Schmitz on behalf of Los Alamitos Education Association Representative Council

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