Crime Log

Crime Log Compiled
by Chris Martinez


Monday, August 2

• Illegally Parked Vehicle—(Priority 4)—Central Avenue—8:17 a.m.—The reporting person stated that construction trucks were blocking the alley way. She went on to say they used it as a parking lot. Officers spoke with construction workers, and they advised the workers they cannot block alley ways. At the time of the officer’s arrival, the alley way was not blocked. There were two trucks parked in the alley, however, and they were moved by the registered owners.

• Violation of Court Order—(Priority 3)—10th Street—10:07 a.m.—A custody exchange was to occur at 9 a.m. at an undisclosed location. The other party did not comply with the court orders. The reporting person had paperwork on file.

• Supplemental Report—(Priority 3)—Laguna Place—10:19 a.m.—A bike that was reported stolen was located on OfferUp.

The individual suspected of stealing the bike was apparently selling the bike.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway—10:25 a.m.—An individual crossed over to base property through an undisclosed area. Units were on scene when they found the individual sleeping.  The reporting person waited until officers arrived on scene and let them wake up the individual.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—North Gate Road—3:32 p.m.— A resident reported a theft from her room, someone had stolen an undisclosed sum of money.

• Burglary Report—(Priority 3)—Oakmont Road—9:23 p.m.—The reporting person was attempting to communicate with officers regarding the loss of an undisclosed sum of money from his residence while he and his wife were at work. There was a language barrier between the police and the reporting person.

Tuesday, August 3

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—12:20 a.m.– A male individual approximately 50 years old, wearing a black shirt and green pants, was flashing his headlights. The individual in question approached the reporting person and his friend. The suspect reportedly attempted to sell a controlled substance to them and pointed a gun at them. The reporting person fled to Cypress and refused to file a report.

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—Pacific Coast Highway—4:59 a.m.– A female individual was attempting to purchase cigarettes without an ID. She was later sent on her way.

Wednesday, August 4

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—McKinney Way—1:52 p.m.—The reporting person’s grandson had moved in with his girlfriend without the reporting person’s permission.

Thursday, August 5

• Reckless Driver—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard and Apollo Drive—2:22 p.m.—A Silver Audi with unknow license plates was seen driving erratically. The Audi ran a red light, according to the reporting person. Once the Audi ran the light the reporting person had lost visual on the vehicle.

• Petty Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Seal Beach Boulevard—2:40 p.m.—A theft for an undisclosed amount, occurred some time throughout the night believed to be approximately 6:20 p.m. The reporting person identified the suspects clothing subscription as the individual wearing; A tan short-sleeve button up shirt (Untucked), dark colored pants, Flip-flop sandals with light colored socks and a green and white baseball cap.

• Illegally Parked Vehicle—(Priority 4)—Central Avenue—7:51 p.m.—A blue Kia Sorento was blocking the reporting person’s driveway.

Friday, August 6

• Auto Theft—(Priority 3)—North Gate Road—11:09 a.m.– A red 2007 four-door Chevy Silverado Parked on North Gate Street was reported stolen.

• Animal Bite—(Priority 2)—Golden Rain Road and Del Monte Drive—2:21 p.m.—An Amazon driver was reportedly bitten by a dog according to the reporting person. The Amazon delivery driver was making a delivery at the address. A woman was walking her dog on the same walkway as the delivery driver. As the dog and delivery driver crossed paths, the dog lunged at the Amazon delivery man and bit him in his leg.

• Petty Theft—(Priority 3)—10th Street—3:30 p.m.—Occurring sometime over the past two weeks, an unknown individual had broken into a mailbox belonging to the reporting person. The reporting person stated that they had items removed from the mailbox including their paycheck.

• Drunk—(Priority 2)—Main Street—7:21 p.m.—A male individual approximately 50 years of age was seen walking southbound on Main Street. The individual appeared to be drunk, according to officers and the reporting person.

• Grand Theft—(Priority 3)—Montecito Road—7:48 p.m.—Occurring sometime during the night, the reporting person lost his electric bike.

• Disturbing Party—(Priority 3)—2nd Street—11:17 p.m.—A loud party was reported in the area, closer to Central according to the reporting person.

Saturday, August 7

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—12th Street—12:04 a.m.– A female individual was heard yelling obscenities from the alley.

• Disturbing Party—(Priority 3)—Anchor Way—2:47 a.m.– The reporting person called to complain about a loud party in the alley.