Council gets city contract update

Quarterly report lists contracts authorized by city manager, department heads

The city manager this week provided the City Council with a list of 15 contracts that either she or Seal Beach city department heads authorized from July 1, 2022 to Sept. 30, 2022.

“The City Manager has the authority to approve and execute contracts up to the amount of $39,524,” according to the staff report by City Clerk Gloria Harper.

“Seal Beach Municipal Code Section 3.20.005 authorizes the City Manager to delegate spending authority to Department Heads,” Harper wrote.

“Other than the Director of Public Works and the Director of Finance/City Treasurer, this authority shall not exceed $15,000 per purchase or contract. For the Director of Public Works, the limit is established per the City’s Charter Section 1010,” Harper wrote.

“For the Director of Finance/City Treasurer, other than for Finance Department expenditures which is set at $15,000, there is additional authority to authorize purchases for City Departments up to the City Manager’s established contract signing authority,” Harper wrote.

The following list provides the agreement date, the department that approved the contract, the vendor, amount of contract, the purpose of the contract and the contract’s expiration date.

• 05/16/2022—City Manager—Client First Consulting Group, LLC—$36,250—for Telecommunications Consulting Services—expires 05/16/2023.

• 07/01/2022—Public Works—Anser Advisory Management, LLC—$38,800—for Seal Beach Concrete Abutment Restoration and Pier Restroom Restoration—expires 07/01/2024.

• 07/21/2022 City Manager—Management Partners—$13,900 for Facilitation of Council Strategic Planning Workshop—expires 10/12/2022.

• 08/01/2022—City Clerk—Orange County Registrar of Voters—$0.00—Vote Center Entry Permit (License) at Seal Beach Senior Center, Main Room, 707 Electric Ave.—expires 11/15/2022.

• 08/01/2022—City Clerk—Orange County Registrar of Voters—$ 0.00 Vote Center Entry Permit (License) at Fire Station 48, Community Room—expries 08/01/2022.

• 08/08/2022 Finance The PUN Group—$4,950—for GASB 87 Implementation—expires 06/30/2023. (Editor’s note: GASB 87 stands for Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 87, which “establishes a single model for the accounting of leases based on the principle that leases are financings of the right to use the underlying asset,” according to The CPA Journal.

• 08/10/2022—Public Works—RJM Design Group, Inc.—$36,700—for the Heather Park Improvement Project Landscape Architectural Design Services—08/10/2023.

• 08/15/2022—Public Works—Southern California Precision Concrete, Inc. (doing business as  Precision Concrete Cutting)—$35,000—for Sidewalk Assessment and Trip Hazard Removal Services—expires 08/15/2023.

• 08/17/2022—City Manager—County of Orange—for Orange County Community Resources—$ 0.00—for Program Year (PY) 2021-22 Fiscal Monitoring and PY2020-21 Contract Resolution Contract Number MA-012-22010638—expiration date not applicable.

• 08/26/2022—Public Works RPW Services, Inc.—$39,000 Gopher and Pest Control Services—expires 08/26/2023.

• 09/01/2022—Public Works AKM Consulting Engineers, Inc.—$17,396—for Water and Sewer System Analysis Services—expires 06/30/2023.

• 09/12/2022—Community Development—Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.—$15,000—for Economic Analysis of Land Use and Development Services, related to Housing Element—expires 06/30/2023.

• 09/12/2022—Public Works —JCL Traffic Services—$24,915—for FY 22/23 Special Events Traffic Management Services—expires 09/12/2023.

• 09/21/2022—City Manager—Bob Hall & Associates—$18,500—for Recruitment Services for a Public Works Director—expires 01/21/2023.

• 09/27/2022—Police Department—The Martinet Group, LLC—$10,900—for Disaster Cost Recovery Training Program Services—expires 09/28/2022.