Council approves service agreement to replace beach lot parking meters

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The City Council on Monday, May 23, approved an amendment to a current professional services agreement (contract) with Parkeon, Inc. The agreement would have Parkeon replace the single-space parking meters in the three beach lots. This was a Consent Calendar item and was approved without discussion.

Seal Beach has three metered parking lots in the Main Street area, with 74 meters for single parking spaces, according to the staff report prepared by Seal Beach Police Capt. Michael Henderson.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, the locking devices for these meters have been compromised, resulting in the need to replace the locking devices to secure the funds located within each meter,” Henderson wrote.

“As a result, staff secured bids to replace the locks for the single space meters, at a cost of $13,200.08. The estimated annual operating cost is $9,800.95,” Henderson wrote.

Dixon Resources, the city’s parking consultant, provided Seal Beach with a proposal from Parkeon, Inc., according to the report.

“This proposal recommends the use of Flowbird Pay Stations in each meter lot,” Henderson wrote.

Staff projects a long-term savings $20,104.83, according to the report.

“The Flowbird pay stations utilize a two-way wireless connection that allows for real-time communication on transactions, alerts, and alarms to the back-office parking management system. Staff will be able to utilize an alarm system to monitor access to each pay station, which is not an option with single space meters,” Henderson wrote.

“Due to the uniformity of technology and services, Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement with Parkeon, Inc. is exempt from competitive bidding requirements pursuant to Seal Beach Municipal Code Section Municipal Code (SBMC) Section 3.20.025(B), and under the professional services exemption of SBMC Section 3.20.025(C),” Henderson wrote.

“The existing Agreement with Parkeon was for $45,315. Amendment No. 1 will result in the total compensation to increase by $53,800, for a new total not-to-exceed amount of $99,115,” Henderson wrote.