City awards pier concrete improvement contract

The council this week awarded a contract to HZS Engineering Inc. to restore the Seal Beach Pier’s concrete abutment. The cost: $567,300. The council also authorized the city manager to approve additional work requests and inspections up to $30,966. According to the staff report, there is enough money in the 2023-24 improvement program budget for the project.

This was a Consent Calendar item and was approved without discussion. “Based on the Pier evaluation results in 2021, the Pier Concrete Abutment Restoration Project (“Project”) was included in the Fiscal Year 2023-24 Capital Improvement Program budget,” according to the staff report prepared by Assistant Engineer William Luna.

“The Project will address the main areas of concern such as cracking and spalling concrete, deterioration of exposed steel elements, and worn surfaces caused by the corrosive marine environment,” Luna wrote.

As previously reported, the council rejected bids for the same project in December 2023.

“On January 24, 2024, construction bids were re-solicited,” Luna wrote.

Seal Beach received two bids. The lowest bid was from HZS Engineering Inc., which does business as HZS Construction. The bid: $567,300, according to Luna’s report.

Unfortunately, there was a problem. “After reviewing the bid, a clerical error was discovered in HZS Construction’s Bid in that the written Total Base Bid Price was written as $565,300 but the numerical figure for the Total Base Bid Price was $567,300 and all extended prices listed in the individual bid items total $567,300,” Luna wrote.

“On March 19, 2024, HZS Construction submitted a letter advising the City that their Bid contained a clerical error in the written Total Base Bid Price and that their Total Base Bid Price of $567,300 is correct,” Luna wrote.

“The Total Base Bid Price of $567,300 is within 1.4% of the Engineer’s estimate for the Project,” Luna wrote.

Based on the staff’s analysis, and the March 19 letter from HZS Construction, staff recommended that there were no material errors in the bid, according to Luna’s report.

Staff recommended that the city accept HZS Construction’s bid as the lowest responsive bid.