Chapel offers a class on understanding rebellious kids

Paul and Debbie James.

A Huntington Harbour couple are leading a class on how to deal with sons or daughters they love, who cut them out of their lives, do things they don’t approve of, then later return.

“Prodigal Parent Process” will be taught by Paul and Debbie James from 7-9 p.m., Sept. 22 to Oct. 27 at Refuge Calvary Chapel, 7800 Edinger Ave., in Huntington Beach. The series was created by Dr. Douglas Weiss, a licensed professional counselor and the executive director of Heart to Heart Counseling Centers in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“God was the first parent of a prodigal child. What did He do and not do?” asked Paul James, a retired Los Angeles Police Officer, whose wife was on an Orange County school board. “These classes will cover the unspoken story of being a parent of a prodigal. You are not alone as many parents have a prodigal that they have a burden for.  You are not to blame for your adult children’s free will choices.”

Throughout the series, Dr. Weiss will unveil several causes for a child being a prodigal and how this impacts not only the parent but the entire family. Regardless of where your child is in their journey, this series will help you understand your grief and feelings and help you find hope, encouragement and guidance.

If you would like to participate or have additional questions, please contact Paul and Debbie at 949-633-3092. You can e-mail them at: