Briefing Room: Barking problems


I wonder what action can be taken for a dog that barks for hours a day. This dog will bark after 11 pm and for what seems to be 3 or 4 hours in a row and just uncontrollably bark. This has been going on for 8 months now and the owner does nothing about it and just leaves it outside.

Is there anything that can be done?


Hi Spencer,

Thanks for your question.

As you may know, the Seal Beach Police Department began its in-house animal control program last July, after contracting animal control services with the city of Long Beach for many years.

The Seal Beach Municipal Code addresses noisy animals:

Ҥ 7.05.065 Noisy Animals.

“A. No person shall keep, maintain, or permit on any lot or parcel of land under his or her control or ownership, any animal of any type, including any fowl, that makes any sound, noise, or cry that due to a combination of its volume, pitch, pattern, or frequency interferes with the comfortable enjoyment of life and property. Such interference shall constitute a public nuisance and a noise disturbance in accordance with this title.”

A dog barking a few times during the middle of the day probably wouldn’t constitute a public nuisance, but a dog barking for three or four hours after 11 p.m. would likely disturb anyone.  We understand how disruptive and frustrating incessant barking can be to your peace and quality of life. The Seal Beach Police Department Animal Control Services are here to help address this concern and work towards a suitable resolution.

First and foremost, we encourage open and friendly communication with the dog’s owner if this is a feasible option for you. Often, pet owners may not be aware of the disturbance their pets cause when they are not around. A polite conversation about the issue may prompt the owner to take necessary steps, such as training or making arrangements to keep the dog indoors at certain times.

However, if you have already attempted this approach or if it is not possible, we’re happy to get involved.  First, call us at our non-emergency number (562) 594-7232 to report the issue.  You can also call our Animal Control voicemail at (562) 799-4100 ext. 1606, or email today.

When animal control officers receive calls about barking dogs, our approach is multifaceted, aiming to mediate the situation with the welfare of the animal and adherence to local laws in mind. Initially, officers conduct an assessment to confirm the complaint by observing the barking at the reported times. Upon verification, they engage with the dog’s owner to make them aware of the issue and the distress it’s causing neighbors, while also informing them of relevant noise ordinances and animal control laws. Officers offer guidance and solutions to mitigate the barking, such as suggesting behavioral training and recommending more exercise to alleviate the dog’s anxiety or excess energy. Should the problem persist, enforcement actions such as citations or fines may be imposed. In extreme cases, where the dog’s well-being is at risk or there is evidence of neglect, animal control may have the authority to remove the animal, though such measures are considered a last resort. The overarching goal of animal control officers in these situations is to achieve a balance that serves both the community’s peace and the animals’ best interests.

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