Aunt Gertie and the Crosswalk Angel

Aunt Gertie and Linda Marie Price (on right)

Aunt Gertie was on the way up Bolsa Avenue one day and there she was, a little lady in a yellow vest with a red stop sign in her hand.  Now you might think this woman is a shy grandmotherly type at first glance, but I quickly found out she is a tough ol’ broad!  If you make the mistake of entering her crosswalk bouncing a basketball or tennis ball, she will take it away from you!  You’d better pay attention and march on thru in an orderly fashion.  No funny business allowed!

Linda Marie Price was born in Hawthorn in 1950 and raised in Long Beach.  She attended Stephens Middle School and Poly High School, Class of 1970.  She went to Long Beach City College for two and a half years before moving back east to live at her father’s for ten years.  During this time she attended the University for Women in Columbus, Mississippi, graduating in 1978 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Library Science.

Linda missed California and came back to Long Beach after her brother said there was a job opportunity in Seal Beach.  She applied and has been working for the city almost 23 years.  She told me about her first day when a car whizzed by so fast she lost her sign and another car drove over it in the opposite lane.  She’s been hit by 2 cars and three bikes but she’s still in business!  Wow!  Aunt Gertie is amazed!

Rude and impatient people have cussed, screamed and told Linda to put her sign where the sun doesn’t shine but she just laughs about it.  She keeps on walking, putting her sign up and protecting our children and adults on the way to McGaugh Elementary School.  The whole community absolutely adores Linda!  Stop by and say hi and tell her, Aunt Gertie sent you!  And make sure to wave when you drive by.

Linda is a true treasure in our beautiful seaside town of Seal Beach, the Tiny Crown Jewel of the Southern California Coastline!

Karen Hadley, creator of Aunt Gertie, can be reached by surface mail at Karen Hadley, PO Box 34, Seal Beach, CA 90740 or email at