Aunt Gertie and Suzanne strike a pose on the beach

Aunt Gertie and Suzanne Roady-Ross (on left). Courtesy photo

Aunt Gertie got all worked up when Suzanne explained how I could chill but also be invigorated with T’ai Chi Chih. Well dang, that sounds perfect to me. Just like the yin and yang of life, relax and be energized at the same time. Bring it on sistah! I’m in!

Suzanne is like a delightful hummingbird, buzzing around with a bubbly, effervescent attitude, going full speed ahead.

Her mother tried to slow her down but she wouldn’t listen. She’s a woman who calls her own shots.

Suzanne Roady-Ross was born and raised in Compton and loved being a “flower child.” Her mother took her to Seal Beach in 1967 for a “love-in” at the pier where she handed out her own home backed cookies.

She graduated from Wilson High School in 1967 and started college at the University of Redlands, eventually receiving her bachelor’s degree at UCLA in 1971. She earned her master’ s degree at USC in 1973.

Suzanne taught high school for 25 years, then left to be a corporate trainer for 18 years. In 1981, she saw t’ai chi chih, in China for the first time. An ancient art that is calming, meditative and exhilarating. It ended up being her calling in life and she’s been teaching it for 13 years.

Her next class series of Beginning T’ai Chi Chih, starts Nov. 19 at 6:40 p.m. in the Mary Wilson Library Senior Room. To sign up, contact the Seal Beach Recreation Department at City Hall, 211 8th Street or go online to their website link: You can reach Suzanne directly at:

Suzanne and her husband have lived here 20 years and love Seal Beach, the Tiny Crown Jewel of the Southern California Coastline!