Allison Isle named Hopkinson Elementary ‘Hero’

Hopkinson’s Hero of the Heart Allison Isle. Joining her is her husband Tim Isle, and daughters, Gretta, Molly, and Charlotte Isle. LAUSD Board Vice President Chris Forehans is far right, far left is Supt. Dr. Andrew Pulver and Hopkinson Principal Evelyn Garcia.

Following a presentation to the LAUSD Board this week, the Principal of the Francis Hopkinson Elementary School named Allison Isle as the school’s Hero of the Heart.

“We get to name a hero of the heart and this is something that we do not take lightly,” said Hopkinson Principal Evelyn Garcia, “because we have so many heroes of Hopkinson.”

“And so the dictionary defines a hero as a person of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his or her brave deeds and noble qualities,” she said. “This year’s heroes of the heart embraces all of that and I would love to welcome Mrs. Allison Aisle to stand with me today.”

“Allison has shown tremendous courage, amazing ability and noble qualities for our Hopkinson Huskies for the last seven years since I’ve known her,” the principal said.

“Allison recognizes when something needs to be done and doesn’t question it, she just does it. Allison is a staple of the Hopkinton community She works tirelessly to provide extraordinary experiences to all Kids not just her own,” said Garcia.

Isle has served in multiple roles, said Isle, “and pours herself into both friends of Hopkinson and the Hopkinton PTA. It is an honor and a privilege to stand with you,” she added

“Her service is rooted in her deep love for her family. She is a wonderful wife and mother,” said Garcia, and has been married to her husband Tim for 15 years. Together, she said, they share three daughters Greta, Molly, and Charlotte.

She said Isle, a former teacher, runs her own business. “I was so surprised to know that she has a full time job,” said Garcia, noting “I thought her job was volunteering at Hopkinson.

She said Allison is currently the Friends of Hopkinson President and has served in every capacity that I can think of  and she’s also the PTA room Rep coordinator. 

“Let’s say you were such a role model for not only your three daughters, but for all the kids. I cannot thank you enough for the amount of hours and dedication that you’ve given to Hopkinson,” Garcia said.

“You are truly devoted and even when times are rough, you never stopped giving to us and please know that never goes unnoticed. You are a true hero and your contributions on our campus are just a light that we all appreciate,” she said. 

“I wasn’t prepared to talk,” said Isle, “but I genuinely thank you. It is such an honor.”

“I genuinely love serving others and the school community, not just because it benefits my children but because I can see how it benefits all the children at our school,” said Isle.

“And when you have a staff and teachers like we do, it’s hard to not want to serve them and give them everything they want and desire so I’m happy that I get to be a part of that,” said Isle. “

“I just want to say thank you for all the work that you you do on behalf of the Board of Education,” said Dr. Andrew Pulver, Superintendent of the LAUSD.  “You are a spectacular volunteer and one of the best things that I always said I truly believe, and it’s something my parents taught me, is that best give we can give someone is the gift of our time and the gift of our presence,” he said.

“And the gift of your time and presence to Hopkinson and to this district is second to none. Thank you very much,” said Pulver.

“It’s an honor for you but more of an honor for us,” said LAUSD Board President Diana Hill. “Thank for for all that you do and all you provide for the students and staff at Hopkinson,” she said.

Board member Marlys Davidson said Isle deserved a “superhero cake” because of the way she gives so much to the school and the district while also being married, raising three daughters and running a business all at the same time.

“Everything you parents coordinate is phenomenal,” said Davidson, thanking Isle for her “hard work and dedication. She said Isle’s example of volunteerism is “what makes our community unique.”