A painter with a delicate touch

Frida Kahlo painting and Ayla Marie Decaire.

Ayla Marie told me she had a dream about an ice cream party with famous artist, Frida Kahlo. The next morning she jumped out of bed, grabbed her brushes, paints and pens and worked all day till she finished her amazing painting of Frida. She had to seize the opportunity while the image was still bright and crisp. Ayla’s imaginary bandwagon is loaded with tons of inspiration she uses in her daily life to paint the world as she sees it. We sat down in Bogart’s Coffee House to talk about her career.

She’s been painting since childhood. Her unique style is very colorful. She loves faces in particular. Audrey Hepburn is instantly recognizable and popular and a wise choice to draw the public’s attention to her canvasses. Her strokes are intricate and delicate on a light canvass with bejeweled accessories. Very easy on the eyes. Painting is only one of this talented lady’s gifts. She’s also an actress and dancer.

Ayla Marie Decaire was born in Crystal River, Florida. She left at eighteen to go find her special place in life. She settled near Ukiah for five years then decided on Long Beach State College where she received three awards for acting and her bachelor’s degree in 2019 for theatre arts and dancing.

She said, “I painted every acting part that came my way,” including her turn as lead actress in Oscar Wilde’s, Salome. “It helped me get in touch with the person I was portraying.” What an interesting way to get a handle on a particular part.

Currently, she’s working at Bogart’s as a barista to learn about coffee and gain more experience in the work place. Her sunny outlook and positive attitude is delightful.

Bogart’s Coffee House, will present a show and artist’s reception for Ayla on Sunday, Oct. 3, from 2 to 5 p.m.

They will have paintings, prints and greeting cards for the public to purchase plus lots of handouts and goodies.

Come on down and meet this lovely and talented young lady. She’s got what it takes to go places with her creations.

Bogart’s is located at 905 Ocean Ave., Seal Beach, CA 90740.

Call (562) 431-2226 for more information.

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