A Leisure World family’s vaccination story

GRF program for Leisure World residents only

Agnes Palango, 97, gets her first COVID-19 vaccination shot. Courtesy photo

Editor’s note: The Golden Rain Foundation began distributing COVID-19 vaccines to Leisure World residents this week. Joan Palango provided an account of her family’s experience.

After many unsuccessful attempts to reach the call center I received a call from them. You can imagine my surprise and appreciation. They gave me appointments for my mother-in-law, husband and myself (all of us are Leisure World residents). The appointments were confirmed via email. I felt like we had won the lottery. They were aware they had problems and were reaching out to people who they knew had called. WOW. I don’t know how they knew I called but I’m glad they did. I was hopeful that Leisure World would get the vaccine because it is convenient and they are efficient every year with distributing flu shots.

The call center was going to be open for two days, Saturday, Jan. 16 and Sunday with shots to be given Monday and Tuesday.  I was in contact with other Leisure World friends during that time. A few got through, one other friend also received a call back and the rest sadly never got through. We heard later that Leisure World received only 900 of the expected 2,000 vaccines.

This morning (Monday, Jan. 18) we got our shots. Again, Leisure World was organized and efficient and we got our shots in a professional and timely manner. And, they registered us to receive the second shot.  Many thanks to all involved.

(During a Sunday, Jan. 17, phone interview, Seal Beach District Two Councilman Thomas Moore said that vaccinations at Leisure Worlds are for residents only. Moore recommended that the public visit occovid19.ochealthinfo.com.)

A Leisure World family’s vaccination story