Crime Log

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• Transient (Priority 3)—6:49 a.m. —Seal Beach Boulevard – A woman was sleeping in the back dumpster of a hotel. The reporting person requested she leave. Police were unable to locate her upon their arrival.

• Person Down (Priority 1)—8:33 p.m. —Montecito Road – The reporting person said that a man was passed out face down on the grass area next to the lobby. Juice and candy were also found to be thrown around the lobby. It was found out that the man was a resident and that he was simply taking a nap; it is unknown if the juice and candy found had any connection to the man.


• Transient (Priority 3)—9:23 a.m. —Seal Beach Boulevard– Two transients were found sleeping on separate porches of two different residences. Police advised, warned, cautioned them.

• Keeping the Peace (Priority 3)—10:51 a.m. —Seal Beach Boulevard– A man tried to retrieve his personal property from a hotel room, but a woman refused to let him do so. Police assisted the man.

• Forgery Report (Priority 3)—1:47 p.m. —Homewood Road (Leisure World)– The reporting person’s grandson attempted to withdraw money by forging one of their checks. Report taken.

• Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—2:37 p.m.—Balboa Drive– An envelope full of cash, coins, masks and other miscellaneous items were taken out of a car. Report taken.

• Transient (Priority 3)—5:00 p.m. —Pacific Coast Highway– A man wearing all black and drinking a King Cobra beer begged customers for money. Police were unable to locate.

• Traffic Hazard (Priority 2)—5:50 p.m. —Sixteenth Street and Electric Avenue (Old Town)– An SUV was parked in the middle of Sixteenth Street and Electric Avenue. No owner was found.

• Traffic Hazard (Priority 2)—11:19 p.m. —Pacific Coast Highway and Balboa Drive – The reporting person’s car ran out of gas. Police officers assisted the reporting person by pushing their car to a nearby Chevron station.


• Grand Theft Report (Priority 3)—7:48 a.m. —First Street – The reporting person said their email and cryptocurrency account was hacked and money was stolen back in February. Report taken.

• Grand Theft Report (Priority 3)—9:51 a.m. —Electric Avenue – The reporting person said their catalytic converter was stolen. Report taken.

• Burglary Report (Priority 3)—3:26 p.m. —Montecito Road –An unknown individual broke into the community laundry room and stole some change. Report taken.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—4:16 p.m. —Ocean Avenue (Old Town) – The reporting person said that a woman began walking around his property after accessing the back gate. The reporting person had met her before through mutual friends and had advised her multiple times not to return. She was escorted off the property by one of the reporting person’s employees. Police were unable to locate her.

• Transient (Priority 3)—6:32 p.m. —Pacific Coast Highway and Seal Beach Boulevard – A man with no shirt on started doing pushups in the middle of the turning lane. Police unable to locate.

• Disturbing the Peace (Priority 2)—6:39 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway  – A man wearing a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt yelled at customers, cursed at them, and said something about being a Marine. He left on a bus going to Santa Ana.

• Criminal Threats (Priority 3)—8:03 p.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—An individual threatened to shoot the reporting person in front of witnesses at the bar they were patronizing. Report taken.


• Disturbing the Peace (Priority 2)—11:20 a.m.—Harbor Way (The Hill)  – The reporting person said that an individual told him to “Go F’ himself” and threw a shovel at the reporting person’s 17-year-old son. Report taken.

• Patrol Check (Priority 3)—11:20 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard  – Police asked to check the mailboxes in front of the bank, as they may have been vandalized with glue.


• Suspicious Persons (Priority 2)—7:06 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and Twelfth Street  – A man and a woman were waving people down and asking for money. Police advised, warned, cautioned them.

• Petty Theft (Priority 2)—7:06 a.m.—Pacific Coast Highway  – A woman left with a shopping cart full of food without paying. Report taken.

• Grand Theft Report (Priority 3)—1:42 p.m.—Edinger Avenue  – The reporting person said that an individual cut their bike lock and stole their electric bike. Report taken.


• Auto Theft Report (Priority 3)—9:29 a.m.—First Street (Old Town)  – The reporting person said that someone stole their car and began using their credit cards that had been left in the car. The reporting person believed that the individual was able to drive away due to a spare key left in the vehicle.

• Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—12:05 p.m.—Sixth Street (Old Town)  – The reporting person said that someone stole their school laptops and a skateboard. Report taken.

• Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—12:08 p.m.—Thirteenth Street and Ocean Avenue (Old Town)  – A man was seen doing drugs in the alley. Police unable to locate.

• Vehicle Check (Priority 3)—1:29 p.m.—Seal Way (Old Town)  – Police arrested Erik Ramirezrodriguez, 25, on suspicion of possessing a controlled substance.

• Transient (Priority 3)—6:33 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Pacific Coast Highway  – A man walked into traffic and began dancing. Police attempted to assist him, but he refused any services and was waiting for a bus.


• Disturbing the Peace (Priority 2)—7:19 a.m.—Harbor Way (The Hill)  – An individual walked out in the middle of the street screaming profanities while wearing just a robe. Police counseled them.

• Battery Report (Priority 3)—4:31 p.m.—Pacific Avenue  – The reporting person said they were assaulted by her live-in boyfriend two weeks prior. She claimed that the police had initially told her Surfside was not in Seal Beach. She filed a report.

• Patrol Check (Priority 3)—5:55 p.m.—6000 Pacific Avenue  – The reporting person sailing his boat into Huntington Harbour said that a man was acting erratically on Pacific Coast Highway and was afraid the individual would throw something at his boat. Police unable to locate.


• Found Property (Priority 4)—6:55 a.m.—First Street and Marina Drive    a citizen found a cell phone and handed it over to police.

• Vandalism Report (Priority 3)—7:53 a.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—Someone smashed a church’s windows. Report taken.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—2:08 p.m.—Electric Avenue and Main Street —Two reporting persons said that an individual had his hands in his pants and was playing with himself. He then left on a bus. Police unable to locate.

• Suspicious Person (Priority 2)—6:24 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard and Saint Cloud Drive  – The reporting person caught an individual trying to spray paint a brick wall.

The reporting person took a picture of the individual, and told police he would give it to them.

Police unable to locate the individual in question.

• Extra Patrol Check (Priority 4)—10:39 a.m.—College Park Drive  – The reporting person said that someone had siphoned gas out of their car the night before.

The reporting person did not make a report, but did ask for extra patrols at night.

Crime Log