1st Founders Day Pickleball Tournament proves a success

Pickleball players wave at a photographer at last week’s pickleball tournament.

On Sunday, Oct. 9, forty eager and ready pickleball players took to the courts at the Seal Beach Tennis and Pickleball Center for the first annual Founders Day Mixed-Up Pickleball Tournament.

To say the least, it was a smashing success as these players, in random assigned groups of eight, played six rounds, each round with a new and unknown partner in their group.

Players ranged from novice to a few advance, and the luck of assignment dictated who played with who for a fair and fun round-robin format.

Group score keepers, Bea Kuebler, Nancey Kredell, Elizabeth Kane and Marc Loopesko kept the players on course through their six rounds, and ultimately announcing the first, second and third place scorers for each group set.  First place winners each received a pass for 10 free plays at the Tennis & Pickleball Center, second place each received a folding portable court chair, and third place received a set of new pickleballs.

All participants raved about the format and fun and the number one question on everyone’s mind was “When is the next one?” Hopefully the Seal Beach Founders Day Committee will fulfill that request same time next year as they look to celebrate another milestone in our city’s history.  Ultimately, the Seal Beach Founders Day Committee has donated more than $160,000 to the city of Seal Beach Parks and Recreation Department in support of recreation facilities, classes, programs and equipment, benefiting thousands of resident users.