Teen is skateboard entrepreneur


My name is James Hopton. I am 13 years old and live in Seal Beach. I started my company Ternion Skate to make handcrafted, one of a kind skateboards made in the USA. I saw a youtube video about a policeman in Green Bay who loved to surf and came up with the idea to fabricate a skateboard as his policeboard. The community was supportive and loved having a policeman patrolling so closely to them in parks and on the streets. It made it easier to communicate and build friendships with his community.

Over the summer, I heard in the news about policemen being shot and killed. It was scary because I have become friends with many of our Seal Beach Police and I would not want them to be hurt.  I wanted to show my appreciation and love for our police, so I created a custom longboard with our Seal Beach badge, Sharkwheels, and safety lights from Shredlights for riding safely at night. Thank you for serving us and dedicating your lives to keeping us safe.

If you would like to see the Police Board, it is on display in the lobby at the station and be sure to give a High Five to our policemen.

You can check out my boards at ternionskate.com and I would love if you would support me on Facebook and Instagram. Motto: Quality, sustainability, and simple design for surfing the streets anywhere in the world.

Teen is skateboard entrepreneur