Surfside Seventies Surfing Spectacular invites all

Surfside Seventies Surfing Spectacular Logo by Artist Rick Blake

Awards ceremony will take place at Ohana Kitchen in Sunset Beach

The 21st annual Surfside Seventies Surfing Spectacular invites all to participate on Saturday, July 20. The popular event in the surf, near Anderson Street & the Seal Beach Water Tower, features a logo this year showing a classic 70s-styled surfer pulling into a barrel on a Dyno surfboard, manufactured in Huntington Beach.

“Those special boards are collector’s items,” said Rick Blake, who created the logo and helped organize the fun festivity with Benny Bigler. “This Year’s first place award will also receive a Tim Stamps-shaped surfboard, identical to the one in the poster.

The awards ceremony will take place at Ohana Kitchen in Sunset Beach, immediately after the finals. Surfboards manufactured in the 1970s will not only be ridden but featured all over the beach for your viewing pleasure. T-shirt’s and posters will be available. To participate, register at Kanvas by Katin, 16250 Pacific Coast Highway in Huntington Beach.

Here is a list of the previous Surfside Seventies winners:1998-Steve Thomas; 1999-Tim Stamps; 2000-Alley Cat Matt; 2001-Bud Llamas; 2002-Tim Stamps; 2003-Jody Lemmon; 2004-Scotty Stopnik; 2005-Willy Asprey; 2006-Tim Stamps; 2007-Justin Hugron; 2008-Bobby Baker; 2009-Tim Stamps; 2010-Jay Larson; 2011-Tim Stamps; 2012-Bradie Shemke; 2013-Jeff Deffenbaugh; 2014-Tomas King; 2015-Jeff Deffenbaugh; 2016-Justin Hugron; 2017-Jeff Deffenbaugh & 2018-Mike Ciaramella.