Stylish Solutions: Parents ponder choices for their children’s haircuts

Kimsey Roman

Dear Lisa

My daughter is 9 years old and has long, one length hair and I really want to add some layers or do something with it to give it some shape. The problem is that it just hangs down. Therefore, I really do not think that a fringe would work on her shape of face. Also, about two years ago we had it cut in to a bob cut and we have been growing it out ever since. Do you have any suggestions on what we can do?

Thanks Cassandra Brean

Seal Beach

Dear Cassandra

The best thing for you to do is to have some point cut layers shaped into her hair. This will give you a soft, textured look. I have enclosed a headshot of a very popular hairstyle and the model Kimsey Roman has a strong shape that has length but also has layers that frame the face and gives hair body and volume. As you can see it also does not have a fringe and so this is a very easy style to up keep. It is a very cute hair cut for a 9 year old that does not want to have a fringe.

So get some shape to her haircut and she will love it!



Growing up …

Hi Lisa,

We are in the process of growing out my daughter’s hair. In July we had her hair cut and the stylist added layers all over. We have found this difficult to manage. Also, it was cut way too short. She wants to grow it out so what type of haircut would you recommend?

Linda Pricell

Seal Beach

Dear Linda,

At the moment a great look is a graduated bob. Here is a picture of a model, Taryn Clements and she has a graduated bob. This would work wonderfully for you until the layers grow out a little. When the layers grow out you can then determine what length you want. As you can see it’s a very cute and sassy look. It’s also a very easy haircut for a little girl to wear …

Thank you, Lisa

Lisa Brown Northrup is a freelance hairstylist based between Seal Beach and Sunset Beach.

Stylish Solutions: Parents ponder choices for their children’s haircuts