Staying Safe: Back to School safety tips

As another school year begins the Seal Beach Police Department is again educating our residents and school families regarding the importance of school and traffic safety. Please pay specific attention to these common areas for concern, safety and enforcement.

•    Please remember if the crossing guard “STOP” sign is up and the crossing guard is not on the sidewalk you cannot drive through the crosswalk.  It is a violation to turn or drive through the crosswalk when the school crossing guard is in the crosswalk.

•    Please check the signs before dropping your kids off curbside. Many of the signs prohibit stopping of any kind and this includes dropping off or picking up your kids.

•    SCHOOL BUSES: Please remember to stop for school buses as you’re approaching from behind and from the opposite side if their lights are illuminated and bus stop signs are extended.

•    Pay specific attention to the bicycle lanes. You cannot drive past a line of stopped cars in the bicycle lane.

•    Pay attention to the turn signs leaving McGaugh as left turns are prohibited into and out of all of the driveways except the driveway closest to Riviera.

•    Please watch your speed.

•    Wear your seatbelts and be a good example to your children.

•    When transporting younger siblings, please have them in the appropriate car seat or booster seat.

•    Please do not talk on your cell phone unless you’re within vehicle code compliance.

•    Avoid road rage incidents and call 9-1-1 if it is an immediate safety hazard or is an issue in need of immediate police attention. If you have a complaint about another driver or a safety issue, please contact Sergeant Steve Bowles with very specific times, vehicle descriptions, locations and directions of travel.

The Seal Beach Police Department will continue to enforce these safety concerns vigorously as the safety of our children is of paramount importance.  Please understand there will be no grace period for enforcement.

If there are any questions, please contact Sgt. Steve Bowles at (562) 799-4100, extension 1160.

For more information about Seal Beach, please see our city Web site:

Steve Bowles is a sergeant in the Seal Beach Police Department.