Seal Beach to have Westminster Avenue water vault relocated

The City Council on Nov. 14 unanimously approved authorized the city manager to have Valverde Construction, Inc.  relocate a water vault near the Naval Weapons Station.

This was a Consent Calendar item and as such was voted on unanimously and collectively with other consent items. Nothing was pulled from the Consent Calendar.

“A water meter vault located on Westminster Avenue that provides a water connection to the northern portion of the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station is in need of relocation due to its age and poor accessibility,” according to the staff report prepared by Water Services Supervisor Darrick Escobedo, and Management Analyst Sean Sabo.

“The vault is located in the heavily trafficked inner westbound lane on Westminster Avenue. Staff is required to access the meter installed inside of the vault on a bimonthly basis,” according to the report.

“The vault’s relocation will allow for staff to access the meter more readily and prevent lane closures during operations and maintenance activities,” according to the report.

“Additionally, the structural condition of the vault is poor and the components inside are severely deteriorated and need replacement,” according to the report.

“Valverde Construction, Inc. (Valverde) submitted a proposal dated August 3, 2022 to relocate a water meter vault under their existing On-Call Professional Services Agreement with the City, dated March 8, 2021,” according to the report.

“The recommended expenditure authorization under Valverde’s Agreement is in a not-to-exceed amount of $45,200,” according to the report.

“Staff further recommends authorizing the City Manager to approve additional work requests in connection with the Project in a not-to-exceed amount of $10,000,” according to the report.