Briefing Room: This is International Fraud Prevention Week

Hi Seal Beach,

November 13-19, 2022, is recognized as International Fraud Prevention Week.

We’ve written about fraud prevention tips several times before, but I wanted to take this opportunity to remind the community how to keep safe from scams and fraud.

• Charity Scams:  Charity fraud schemes seek donations for organizations that do little or no work—instead, the money goes to the fake charity’s creator.  Charity fraud scams can come to you in many forms: emails, social media posts, crowdfunding platforms, cold calls, etc.  Always use caution and do your research when you’re looking to donate to charitable causes.

• Protect Yourself from Common Scams:  Criminals and con artists use many scams to target unsuspecting people who have access to money.  Consumer scams happen on the phone, through the mail, email, or over the internet.  Here are four simple tips:  Do not share numbers for passwords for accounts, credit cards, or your social security number.  Watch out for deals that are only “good today” and that pressure you to act quickly.  If the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  Never pay in advance for a promised prize.    They can occur in person, at home, or at work.  Apart from these tips, you can put your telephone number on the National Do Not Call Registry or by calling (888) 382-1222.

• Scam/Fraud Warning Signs:  There are several signs that indicate you might be dealing with a scammer. Remember that if something doesn’t seem right, you can always hang up or walk away. Scammers often want you to make a quick decision without thinking about it. Slow down, do your own research about the offer or consult with someone you trust.  Warning signs of a scam include contact from someone: calling or emailing you, claiming to be from the government, and asking you for money; asking you to wire them money, send money by courier, or put money on a prepaid card (or gift card) and send it to them; asking for access to your ATM cards, bank accounts, credit cards, or investment accounts; and asking you to pay upfront to receive a gift or prize.

Seal Beach, when in doubt, please call us and an officer will help you determine whether an offer or contact is legitimate.

Please call our non-emergency number (562) 594-7232 and ask to speak to an officer about a potential scam.

We would prefer to take the time to help you understand if something is a scam, instead of having a community member fall victim to these criminals.

Keep your questions coming Seal Beach.  Email us at today!