Seal Beach Police Department adopts shelter dog

Recently, a group of Girl Scouts visited, and Missy was a wonderful ambassador for the Seal Beach Police Department. Courtesy photo

Missy is now the police department’s official ‘comfort dog’

The Seal Beach Police Department has adopted a shelter dog from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center. “Missy” is a five-year old German Shepard mix and has been adopted by the personnel at the Police Department as the official “comfort dog.”

“We see dogs being walked by the Police Station all the time, so the idea for adopting a dog has come up from time to time” said Commander Phil Gonshak. The Police Department approached the Shelter and asked if there was a dog that would be appropriate. Missy had been adopted by another family about a year ago, and was returned last January. The Shelter employees suggested Missy because of her gentle and calm temperament. She began staying at the Police Department on trial basis in March.

A Committee was formed and several City employees donated money, food, toys and other items to assist with her care. At first, Missy would come the Police Station during the day and be returned to the shelter at night. Missy became attached to the Police Department employees, so she was allowed to stay the night under the care of the West-Cities Communications Dispatchers.

Missy is now a permanent resident of the Police Station and she is a big hit with visitors.

Recently, a group of Girl Scouts visited, and Missy was a wonderful ambassador.

“Our hope is that by adopting Missy, we will inspire others to consider adopting from a shelter” said Chief Joe Miller.

If you are interested in adopting an cat or dog from the Seal Beach Animal Care Center visit their Facebook or Instagram page, or their website at


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