Seal Beach Lions Club student speech contestants debate distance learning

Student Speaker Contestants Kristin Dea, Katie Velez, Hannah Velez, and Jacob Lebovitz.

By Chardy Lang

For the Sun

On Thursday, March 11, the Seal Beach Lions held their annual Student Speaker Contest at the Alamitos Youth Center at 7 p.m. This contest featured high school speakers from the community.

With a time-appropriate topic, “Distance and Online Learning: Pros and Cons,” each student gave their input, ideas, perceptions, and data about this weighty topic that has touched all of our youth during this pandemic period.

Some even had some fun insights like the story about a woman who gave birth while taking the Bar exam and the speaker who constantly thought of food while trying to do school at the dining room table.

The extremely talented and well-spoken contestants were Hannah Velez, a homeschooled senior; Katie Velez, a homeschooled sophomore; Kristin Dea, a homeschooled senior; and Jacob Lebovitz, a Los Alamitos High School senior.

Although each student had a great speech, a winner had to be selected, and this year’s winner was Kristin Dea, a Village Bible Academy Leo.

She will go on to compete against winners from other Lion Clubs on March 27. From there, if she wins, Kristin will compete against winners from other regions, and then district, and potentially all the way up to the state level. The total final award winnings for the state level are over $21,000. Sun Publisher Steven Remery was one of the judges.