Seal Beach District 1 City Council candidates discuss topics of their own choosing

Ellery Deaton

Ellery Deaton

Dear Old Town and Surfside Residents,

Thank you for so warmly welcoming me at your doors when I visited your neighborhood, and for meeting with me in the homes of our mutual friends and neighbors.   Thank you for sharing with me what is in your heart and mind for Old Town and Surfside.  I’ve heard you and know that we share the same goals and passion for Old Town and Surfside as we move forward into the next four years.

Clearly we share a love for our small town and we share a determination that it not become something we all agree it should not:  another Manhattan, Redondo or Huntington.  We do want a tight-knit, caring community that supports each other with the services we need to raise our families and enjoy our small beach town lifestyle in the “last little unspoiled beach town in Southern California.”

After many years of working with our community, I am prepared to serve on the City Council.  I pledge that I will work to:

• Reign in spending and keep our financial position strong.  I am committed to a budget process that is open and transparent and invites public participation.

• Finish the DWP project, without frivolous lawsuits, with 70% open space and 30% development that is compatible with the neighborhood and reflects the character of Old town.

• Protect and maintain our small town charm.  Outsiders notice the magic of our town immediately because it is so rare and can so easily and quickly disappear.  We are special; a unique, charming small town and everything from beach events to planning public facilities needs to reflect who we are:  a charming seaside village.

• Help Surfside get their fair share and keep their Colony lifestyle.

• Beautify Main Street and make it more pedestrian friendly by removing unsightly newspaper racks, keeping our benches and canopy trees, improving the lighting for safety and attractiveness, and keeping the pavement even and clean

• Finish our Local Coastal Plan.  I am Vice-Chairwoman of the committee working to finish the plan so the Local Coastal Commission will no longer hold up our pier repairs, storm drain improvements, and home improvements.

• Continue listening and being responsive as your representative; I come with no agenda of my own except to ensure that Old Town and Surfside have the best quality of life anywhere.

After talking with you, it is clear that we can make Seal Beach better by working together.  I am retired and have the time to serve full-time. With your vote, I will bring the experience and leadership skills I’ve gained as your Planning Commissioner for the last eight years to our City Council.

Please mail your ballot or take it to City Hall right away to make certain that your vote is counted.  Your vote can and will make the difference!

Sincerely yours,

Ellery Deaton


Joe Kalmick

As we near the close of the runoff election for District 1, I would like to take the opportunity to clarify a few issues that have arisen during the campaign.

The position of city council member is and should be non-partisan.  My supporters come from all parts of the political spectrum.  And while we’ve had many spirited debates over state and national issues, my support comes from the belief that I would always represent the best interests of the city and this district.

I reside and earn my living here.  I pay my utility tax, and have to sandbag my house when it floods.  I’ve served the community as leader of the volunteer fire/rescue company.  What will influence my decisions on our city council will be the wishes of the broadest possible segment of our residents, and a thorough study of the issues.

As most of you know, I am not retired, having owned a Main Street business for over 30 years.  And as I recently had to move my shop across the street I was unable to get out and talk to everyone in person.  I have no doubts, though, that I would have the time to be an effective member of the council.  I would be available for any council functions, or meetings with city staff or constituents.  I was available 24/7 during my service with the fire department.

If elected I want to assure everyone that as a Main Street business owner I would not be excluded from voting on Main Street issues, as long as the particular decision would not materially benefit my business.

I learned this from a response to my inquiry to the California Fair Political Practices Commission, the agency responsible for such decisions.  I would be an advocate for the local business community, to help ensure that our shops thrive, and that we have great places to eat.

As far as any candidate promises are concerned, I can only pledge to support our community, maintain a conservative fiscal policy, and work toward quick settlement of outstanding litigation.

I will advocate for the city assuming appropriate responsibility for the sand replenishment and infrastructure improvements for Surfside, but no candidate can promise funding for anything.

If you haven’t already returned your ballot, please do so by Jan. 25.  It’s so important to exercise your right to vote.

If there are any questions please e-mail me,, or call (562) 397-4124.