Seal Beach city manager releases quarterly contract approval update

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The city manager released the quarterly list of contracts that she or department heads recently approved at the Oct. 25 City Council meeting.

The list applies to contracts approved from July 1 to Sept. 30 of this year.

“The City Manager has the authority to approve and execute contracts up to the amount of $36,514,” wrote City Clerk Gloria Harper in her report to the council.

“Seal Beach Municipal Code Section 3.20.005  authorizes the City Manager  to delegate spending authority to Department  Heads,” Harper wrote.

“Other than the Director of Public Works and the Director of Finance/City Treasurer,  this authority shall not exceed $15,000 per purchase or contract,” Harper wrote.

“For the Director of Public Works, the limit  is established  per the City’s Charter Section  1010,” Harper wrote.

“For the Director of Finance/City  Treasurer, other than for Finance  Department expenditures  which is set  at $15,000,  there is additional  authority to  authorize  purchases  for City Departments up to the City Manager’s established contract signing authority,” Harper wrote.

The following contracts were listed in the staff report by agreement date, department, vendor, purpose, and expiration date.

• Agreement date: 07/01/2021—Department: Police—Vendor: Trauma Intervention Program, Inc.—Amount: $ 2,962.00—Purpose: Support Services for Victims of Trauma—Expires: 06/30/2022

• Agreement date: 07/14/2021—Department: Public Works—Vendor: Department of Transportation (CalTrans) District 12—Amount: $ 7,000.00—Purpose: Traffic Signal Synchronization at Seal Beach Boulevard—Expiration date: Until completed

• Agreement date: 07/20/2021—Department: Community Development—Vendor: Prosurface, Inc.—Amount: $6,700.00—Purpose: Resurface Edison Park Basketball Pickleball Court—Expiration date: 10/20/2021

• Agreement date: 07/23/2021—Department Public Works—Vendor: Dekra-Lite—Amount: $15,954.06—Purpose: Installation of Holiday Decorations—Expiration date: 03/01/2022

• Agreement date: 08/08/2021—Department: Finance—Vendor: HdL—Amount: Various—Purpose: Business License Tax and Fee Administration Services—Expiration: Until completed

• Agreement date: 08/21/2021—Department: Public Works—Vendor: Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.—Amount: $36,500.00—Purpose: Staff Assistance Services—Expiration date: 08/21/2022

• Agreement date: 08/16/2021—Department: Public Works—Vendor: JCL Traffic Services—Amount: $23,391.00—Purpose: Special Events Traffic Management Services—Expiration date: 08/16/2022

• Agreement date: 08/23/2021—Department: City Manager—Vendor: Team Real Estate & Team Design—Amount: $30,000.00——Purpose: Consulting for Pier—11/23/2021

• Agreement date: 08/27/2021—Department: Public Works—Vendor: Bucknam Infrastructure Group, Inc.—Amount: $23,897.00—Purpose: 2022 Pavement Management Report—Expiration date: 06/30/2022

• Agreement date:  09/01/2021— Department: Public Works— Vendor: PHRE Services—Amount: $20,000.00—Purpose: On-Call Professional Fumigation—Expiration date: 09/01/2022

• Agreement date:  9/27/2021—Department: Public Works—Vendor: Richard C. Slade & Associates—Amount: $19,746.00—Purpose: Hydrogeological Services—Expiration date: 12/31/2022