SBPD will first educate public about pandemic rules, enforce them when necessary

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The Seal Beach Police Department is emphasizing education before enforcement of pandemic restrictions.
“Our enforcement posture since the beginning of this pandemic has been to educate the public first,” wrote Seal Beach Police Sgt. Nick Nicholas in a Dec. 8 email.
“When our officers do observe violations, we seek to gain voluntary compliance and have been very successful using this approach,” Nicholas wrote.
“However, if we are challenged, we can and have taken enforcement action which includes issuing citations and making arrests, if absolutely necessary,” Nicholas wrote.
“If we get a call about a violation, we can and will respond to it in time. The Police Department wants to know about every suspicious person, order being violated, or crime being committed in town. There is literally no call too small for us. We will respond to EVERY call we receive from the public, regardless of the perceived insignificance of it,” Nicholas wrote.