Rossmoorgate: Recall LAUSD school board

Joyce Bloom

This is a call for the recall of the Los Alamitos Unified School District Board!

You may ask  WHY?

The District has promulgated a policy by a 4-0 vote that would require science teachers to “present  opposing views ” on controversial items.

The controversial item in this case is  “global warming.”

Global warming is no more controversial than that the earth is flat.

However, this policy could easily be expanded to include evolution, intelligent design, birth control, etc.

A Huffington Post blog read ” California Struggles to Out Dumb Texas” this is a reference to the decision in Texas to revise textbooks to present different sides on the subject of evolution and global warming.

The district they are poking fun at is our esteemed Los Alamitos Unified School District.

It was one of the best in California. Our property values are high because of our school district.  It has been the best because we have excellent teachers and a curriculum that is not imposed upon by politics.

The people in the District are supporters of this District, passing bond issues and  this year donating close to a million dollars to the District.  People buy houses in Rossmoor, Seal Beach and Los Alamitos because the District has a great reputation among people who are concerned that their children get the kind of education that will enable them to get into the best colleges.

Forget about the trivial issues of latent powers and super cities!  LAUSD is receiving negative publicity about this policy on the radio, and newspapers.

This policy will effect you in the pocketbook.

Realtors—those people who sell houses  will now have an obligation to tell potential buyers that this school district has a policy that is the laughing stock of educators and people who value education.

Get the school board to change this ill-advised policy or do a RECALL.

I did one in 1984 when the School Board was going to sell Lee School, Oak and close Los Alamitos.

We can do it again if this misguided board and new superintendent don’t change the policy.

Joyce Bloom is a former member of the Rossmoor Community Services Board of Directors and a longtime Rossmoor resident.

Rossmoorgate: Recall LAUSD school board