Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration – RHA Winning Homes for 2020


The 2020 Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration team has released this year’s Hot Spot Map, including the recognition awards, honorable mentions, and bright zones throughout the neighborhood. The map is available to lead viewers through evening cruises between now and Christmas day. Time to soak in the Rossmoor lights via foot, bicycle, golf cart, car, RV or even a dog sled or two.

Yes, what could be better to do with the family (including Aunt Mable) than to check out all the incredible (not using that word loosely) Christmas Lights displays that have engulfed the neighborhood? Rossmoor participating families really stepped up their efforts bringing joy, laughs and smiles through colorful lights and displays for all to appreciate.

Below, you will find write-ups for the homes that received Recognition Awards, followed by all the Honorable Mention homes and Bright Zones that were selected to be on the RHA Rossmoor Christmas Lights Hot Spot Map. A PDF copy of the map can be download from the RHA website:, or an interactive map can be opened on a mobile device.

Many folks have also inquired about the traditional Rossmoor Christmas Lights Bicycle Tour. Plans are in place, and although, there is no set meeting time, a local bicycle group will be offering suggested bike routes to view the Rossmoor homes that made the Hot Spots Map. To learn more details and suggested paths, contact

The Rossmoor Homeowners Association offered its thanks to all the Rossmoor homeowners who put the time and effort into creating such amazing displays for the community to enjoy. Here are the winners and Honorable Mentions, with info from the RHA.

Rookie of the Year Award – 3212 Wendy Way (Linza Family)

Never before have we received so many first-time entries in this event, which is wonderful. Also makes it essential to stand out from amongst all the entries. Well the Linza family did just that to be recognized as this season’s Rookie of the Year! The house, situated at a perfect location, easily viewed heading east or north, you can’t miss the colorful parkway arches. Yes, it makes it magical to stroll along the sidewalk and soak in the holiday spirit, with whatever Christmas video is playing in the driveway. In the background are repeated colored lights outlining the windows and any other ledges they could find. Do yourself a favor and head over to Wendy Way!

Enchanted Christmas Forest Award – 11325 Donovan Road (Vega Family)

Well – that’s the name we came up with this season. How could this house possibly get any better? Each year we ask ourselves that, and each year John and the Vega family amaze us once again. This year is no exception, and as wonderful as the house looks in pictures, it’s absolutely stunning in person. There’s something magical capturing one’s imagination, and the attention to detail (colored spotlights 15 feet up the trees) helps you discover new decorative elements to appreciate. Much thanks to the Vega family for sharing their Christmas spirit!

RHA Nomination Award – 12651 Foster Road (Giddens Family)

This is a newly created concept by the RHA that will become one of those “rinse-and-repeat” recognition awards in years to follow. That’s a good thing, and so fitting that the Giddens family is our first ever recipient. Why might you ask? Well, their house was nominated by multiple observant neighbors – plural. Also, even two weeks prior to judging, you could find both Tom and Connie out front (even at 10:00 in the evening) fine-tuning the lights and displays, making sure everything looked just right. This is a labor love, and we’re all appreciative of their Christmas lights results!

Merry & Bright Award – 3341 Kenilworth Dr. (Graham Family)

Get your sunglasses out – those LED bulbs are working overtime! Many thanks to the Graham family for their hard work in creating this spectacular display that is sure to make your day Merry & Bright!

Griswold Award – 2821 Channing Way (Pahl Family)

We all need (or have) an Uncle Eddie, and this decorated house (in many ways) reminds us of how and why we so enjoy watching Christmas Vacation. If you want to experience a live rendition of the famous house in the movie, including green hazardous materials, roof stapled lights and all, head to Channing Way. Just get there before the septic tank explodes or Mike Pahl gets stuck in the attic. Also significant to note that the RV cut-outs were handcrafted, and we are so appreciative of the humor and fun the Pahl family brings to our neighborhood!

Where’s Woodstock Award – Bright Zone on Woodstock Road near Montecito

OK, time for a little math. We all know the game Where’s Waldo. Seems on this special street that’s taken a bit of a divergence, and families can now play “Where’s Woodstock!” We are led to believe there are 30 lighted and visible Woodstocks to be discovered and counted amongst all the participating homes. Perhaps a ride on a bike or even a leisurely stroll down the street is more rewarding. Can you find them all?

Honey, We Went Overboard Award – 3212 Hillrose Drive (Den Hartog Family)

This was another Kid’s favorite, and it’s easy to understand why. It’s almost like the Den Hartog’s went into Ace Hardware, Ganahl and Lowes, picked out only the good stuff, tapped a magic wand and voila – the home is extravagantly decorated. Suddenly a bubble or snow machine starts cranking out the white stuff in SoCal, and the kids in the judging caravan just went bonkers. They didn’t want to leave. Set aside some time to visit this home because it’s more than just a drive-by.

Sounds of the Season Award – 2762 Engel Dr. (Monsen Family)A picture may say a thousand words, but can’t do justice to this dancing light display that you can sing and dance along with as you tune into the sounds on 91.3 on your car stereo! You may want to bring some warm clothes so you can get out and dance along!

Oh Wow – It’s Christmas Award – 2892 & 2902 Aceca Drive (Bingham and Herzog Families)

Year-after-year, these two homes bring so much pleasure and happiness to our neighborhood, and we’re elated to report that the Herzog’s and Bingham’s have once again gifted us with their mesmerizing display of lights, sound, motion and emotion! As the judge’s caravan pulled in front, we knew what to expect, and of course we were in awe of the spectacle. All one of the judges had to say was, “Oh Wow!” Don’t miss this one. Perhaps even drive by twice.

Kids’ Choice Award Award – 11741 Martha Ann Dr. (Pack Family)

It was unanimous – the gigantic inflatable nutcrackers guarding some of our favorite movie characters along with the backdrop of lights galore made this house the kids’ choice this year. The grown-ups also loved this setup, but the kids took this one! The Pack family definitely upped their game this year, and while you’re checking this one out, you’ll find yourself in a hotspot of beautifully decorated homes along Martha Ann Drive.

Christmas Candy Land Award – 2681 St. Albans Dr. (Gandara Family)

Get whisked away by Christmas magic and enjoy a peppermint stick while taking in the sights of Santa as he spreads season’s greetings to all who can hear. You will really appreciate the amazing care and detail that the Gandara family added to their display as you see the candy lined windows, gumdrops, and other tasty treats.

2020 Rossmoor Honorable Mentions – All Made the Christmas Lights Hot Spots Map

• 2862 Coleridge Dr

• 3121 Copa De Oro

• 3371 Druid Ln

• 2942 Edgeley Pl

• 2942 Hillrose Dr

• 3331 Huntley Dr

• 2861 Inverness Dr

• 11672 Kensington Rd

• 2751 Mainway Dr

• 12652 Martha Ann Dr

• 12552 Martha Ann Dr

• 11302 Pemberton Rd

• 2762 Salmon Dr

• 3011 Shakespeare Dr

• 2732 St. Albans

• 2751 St. Albans

• 2851 Tucker Lane

• 11352 Wembley Road

• 2951 Yellowtail Dr

Rossmoor Christmas Lights Celebration – RHA Winning Homes for 2020