Robby Armstrong—musician on a mission

Robby and Chimene Armstrong of Surfside, Seal Beach.

In the world of music making, aspiring musicians have a great feeling of excitement and accomplishment when they record their first original song or cut their first CD.  Musician Robby Armstrong has already been there and done that. Today, Robby’s excitement stems from the obvious synchronicity working in his life.

Robby recorded his fourth CD “Smokin & Drinkin” in Nashville in May 2010.  A work in progress, fourteen songs are currently being re-mastered. After the Nashville recording session, Robby needed to add vocals tracks so he scheduled a recording session at the Village Recording Studio in Los Angeles.  The Village is a premier facilities with a roster that includes Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones, John Mayer, B. B. King, and Fleetwood Mac, to name a few.

During Robby’s Village session, he met Royce Clayton. Clayton was quick to praise Robby’s musical talents.  “I’d like you to send a demo to ‘Ball Tunes,’ Clayton suggested with his British accent.  “What the heck is “Ball Tunes,” Robby wondered.  Robby later discovered that ‘Ball Tunes” connects musicians to sports and Major League Stadiums. Within a few weeks, Ball Tunes had a proposal for Robby’s upbeat song.  ‘Go Rodeo,’ one of the tracks from ‘Smokin & Drinkin,’ would echo at Angel Stadium.

Like his mother, Lorraine, Robby grew up in Anaheim.  When he wasn’t playing music, baseball was Robby’s favorite sport throughout elementary and high school.  During the construction of Angel’s Stadium, Robby’s father, Jim Armstrong, was the project manager responsible for purchasing the massive steel beams.   Closely watching the Stadium construction from the ground up, the Armstrong family has had an affinity for the Anaheim Angels Stadium and the Angels’ team.

To Robby’s astonishment, thirty seconds of “Go Rodeo” has become a mantra for Angel fans who chant the melody to boost their team on to victory.  The momentum builds as Anaheim Angel’s Rally Monkey and Angels’ fans spontaneously rock to the “Go Rodeo” beat.  “Even though the song has not been officially released, Angels’ fans rock the house.”…“It’s remarkable,” Robby says.  But that’s not the end of Robby’s story.

Music producer, Darrell Brown, also recognizes Robby’s talents.  Brown’s musical associations include Keith Urban, Le Ann Rimes, Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, Randy Foster, and Blush.  In Nashville, Brown and Robby co-wrote some of the songs on the “Smokin & Drinkin” album.  As Robby’s producer, Brown negotiated to have some of the songs featured in the upcoming Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz film titled “Gambit.”

Making his first motion picture appearance, Robby will be seen performing his music in a “Gambit” bar scene.  Until he arrived on the film set in New Mexico, Robby was not aware that he and his sister-in-law, Cameron Diaz, would both be appearing in “Gambit.”  The film is currently in production in London.

Robby has come a long way from the garage band he formed at age fourteen when his idols were Johnny Cash and the Rolling Stones. His instrument of choice is and has been guitar, but Robby also plays keys, and is recognized for his broad vocal range and Americana Style.

Robby attributes his musical talent to the loving support from his family and lessons from private teachers.

With current projects beyond his wildest dreams, Robby’s music career appears to be on the launch-pad.

“I’ve loved music as far back as I can remember,” Robby recalls.  “The best part is that I get to support worthy organizations and have a good time doing it,” he adds.  Aside from his regular gigs at Harpoon Harry’s, Pelican Isle, and Don The Beachcomber in Sunset Beach, Robby enjoys benefit performances that help support local charities.  He and his wife Chimene both support Children Today, a non-profit benefiting homeless mothers and children.

Robby Armstrong will be performing at the Seal Beach Pier Summer Concert Series, August 10, 2011, at the Children Today Benefit at McKennas on August 21, and can be seen as a regular guest on SBTV-3’s Studio Café, and The Robby Armstrong Show.  For information visit: or call (562) 592-1716.


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