Readers can be part of an exciting new Sun feature


Pictured outside Las Vegas National, is Seal Beach resident Ryan Hanseth, right and Sun editor Ted Apodaca after a round of golf and getting photo bombed by Donovan Liebeit.

The Sun News is expanding on one of its more popular reader contributor features. Over the years, the ‘Take the Sun on Vacation’ feature has remained a fun way for residents to contribute their adventures to the paper and share their travels with the community.

Putting a new twist on that feature, the Sun News is offering a new way for readers to interact with the community, with its latest feature, “Take the Editor on Vacation.” That’s right, for the low cost of … well, adding one more person to your itinerary, you can take the editor with you on your vacation.

Seal Beach resident Ryan Hanseth recently enjoyed a trip to Las Vegas with editor Ted Apodaca, where they played a round of golf at Las Vegas National Golf Club and competed in a bowling tournament at the Orleans Hotel and Casino. Of course, there were also the usual activities, including casino games like craps, where they held their own.

Las Vegas National proved to be a challenging, but fun course to play. It was the course where Tiger Woods won his first PGA title in 1996, the last year the course was part of the Las Vegas Invitational tournaments. The Las Vegas TPC events have taken over the tour events.

But the course has plenty of its own history, including being the course where Frank “Lefty” Rosenthal’s home is located.

Rosenthal was the man whose life was the basis for the Robert DeNiro character, Sam “Ace” Rothstein in the 1995 movie, Casino. Comedian Shecky Green also had a house along the course in the ‘50s and ‘60s, when he reportedly became the first performer to earn six figures a week with his residency shows at the MGM Grand.

When asked if the Take the Editor on Vacation feature was worth it, Hanseth said “not even close, I guess I misunderstood how this thing was going to work.”

So, there are some kinks to work out. Test flights are usually bumpy, but if we keep this program going, I’m sure it will eventually become as popular as taking the Sun on vacation. If you’d like to potentially take advantage of this wonderful opportunity, email editor Ted Apodaca at and provide the details of your upcoming trip (dates, destination, itinerary, etc.) and keep your fingers crossed that you make the cut.

Ted Apodaca is the editor of the Sun News and Catalina Islander. He can be reached at, or 562-317-1100. Follow him on Instagram: @tedapodaca