Opinion: Project SEEK needs to raise $40,000

To Our Seal Beach Community:
McGaugh Elementary School has long been a source of pride for our community. A five-time winner of the California Distinguished School honor, we are proud of the academic excellence our school demonstrates on a daily basis.
As many of you know, McGaugh Elementary provides a wonderful learning environment—an educational community complete with a fully equipped media center, an art lab, and a hands-on computer lab for student use. We believe all of these are an essential part of a well-balanced education that we all want for our children. Unfortunately, state and district budget cuts are threatening the continuance of these vital programs.
We need your help! We would like to encourage you to help keep McGaugh Elementary the first-rate school our community has come to expect.
For the past 17 years Project SEEK (Seeking Educational Excellence for our Kids), a non-profit fund-raising foundation, has raised funds to support school enrichment programs. This year, fundraising efforts have not produced enough to continue funding the credentialed teachers in the art lab and media center and the two computer center and media center aides that it has funded in the past.
We are $40,000 short of our fundraising goal.
With a collaborative effort between Project SEEK, the McGaugh PTA, the McGaugh community, and the local Seal Beach community, we are hopeful we can reach our goal and continue to provide these programs for our children.
How can you help right now? Please consider a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause.
No dollar amount is too large or too small—every penny counts! We are hopeful that with your help our children will continue to enjoy the incredible education they deserve.
Thanks in advance for your support. We know the children of McGaugh will appreciate your donation as well.
Donations can be mailed to: Project SEEK, P.O. Box 626, Seal Beach, Ca  90740 or dropped off in the McGaugh School office.

Christie Berg is the president of Project SEEK.