Ongoing and upcoming: restrooms, sidewalks

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Upcoming: Sun looking at Seal Beach Pier restroom maintenance

On Monday, Aug. 16, the Sun sent several questions to Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegos, including questions about the restrooms under the pier.

Sun staff members began visiting the pier restrooms on Tuesday, Aug. 17, as part of a story we’re preparing on beach restroom maintenance.

In related news, a recent post on social media about the Seal Beach Pier restrooms generated a lot of comments.

For his reply to the question about the First Street Park, see the story on page 1. (Spoiler alert: the title to the park is expected to be on the Sept. 13 City Council agenda.)

The Sun asked how often the pier restrooms are cleaned.

“5 times a days a porter assigned 7 days a week 1st street and the pier,” Gallegos wrote.

“A seven day a week porter service, dedicated to the Pier restrooms and 1st [Street] beach restrooms is included as part of the City’s janitorial contract,” Gallegos wrote.

In a follow up question, the Sun asked how much the city pays for the service. (According to the contract with Golden Touch Cleaning Solutions, Inc., the city will pay monthly costs up to a maximum of $171,324 in any calendar year.)

“This means that the services of a full time janitor is fully dedicated to keep both these restrooms clean throughout the day, seven days a week,” Gallegos wrote.

The Sun asked if there was a standard for cleaning beach area restrooms.

“It is generally accepted that cleaning frequency should be based on how much foot traffic a particular restroom receives,” Gallegos wrote.

“Given that both the Pier restrooms and 1st [Street] beach restrooms experience relatively high foot traffic, especially right now during the busiest time of year at the beach, the City utilizes a full time janitorial porter service to ensure these restrooms are cleaned multiple times per day,” Gallegos wrote.

The Sun on Aug. 17 requested clarification of “multiple times.”

“‘Multiple times’ can have multiple meanings,” Gallegos wrote in an Aug. 17 reply.

“For example, the porter might have to service the restrooms three times in an hour, or one time in an hour depending on the usage,” Gallegos wrotel.

“What dictates the amount of times the porter cleans is the volume of foot traffic he or she sees entering the restroom. The porter is on site and bounces back and forth throughout the day from the pier to the 1st Street restrooms,” Gallegos wrote.

Look for more on this subject in next week’s Sun.

What do you think of the Seal Beach Pier area restrooms?

How do they compare to beach-area restrooms you’ve seen in other communities? What suggestions do you have for improvements?

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Main Street sidewalks

The Sun on Aug. 16 asked Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegosd how often the Main Street sidewalks are cleaned.

“The Main Street sidewalks are cleaned once a week. That is, all of Main Street is power-washed one time during a week cycle. For example, if the 100 block is serviced on a Monday, it will not be serviced again until the following week on Monday,” Gallegos wrote.

Editor’s note: If you have a question about a city issue—or a suggestion for filing a Public Records Act request—email Associate Editor Charles M. Kelly at

Ongoing and upcoming: restrooms, sidewalks