Crime Log: published Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021


By Chris Martinez


Sunday, July 11

• Disturbing Vehicle—(Priority 3)—Edinger Avenue—9:59 a.m.—There have been ongoing complaints regarding street racers entering and exiting the Sunset Aquatic Park.

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Galleon Way—10:34 a.m.—The reporting person had an ongoing feud with a neighbor he saw at the beach. That morning the reporting person made a comment using profanity towards their neighbor, who then returned comments and started filming the reporting person on Facebook live.

• Pedestrian Check—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—3:46 p.m.—Officers advised a group of individuals not to skateboard on the pier.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Seal Beach Boulevard—4:49 p.m.—A man in his 20s was asking people for money as they got out of their cars. It turned out he was participating in a charity event, selling candy bars.

• Animal Bite—(Priority 2)—Landing Avenue—6:03 p.m.—The reporting person was calling for her 15-year-old son, after the he called his mother on the cell phone. The son was reportedly bitten by a pitbull and the dog’s owner was reportedly not being cooperative. The dog was identified as being a white pitbull terrier mix. The son’s bite injury was described as having broken through the skin and causing his leg to bleed. However, the son denied medical attention. The owner of the dog was cited for having his dog off the leash and the owner also agreed to pay any medical expenses.

Police determined that while the son was skateboarding on the sidewalk on 12th Street, the unleashed dog ran out of the park and bit the son’s right leg. The wound was superficial, and the owner of the dog provided proof of rabies vaccination.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 3)—Second Street—8:32 p.m.—A white four-door sedan had been running for over an in hour in front of the reporting person’s home.

• Disturbing Noise—(Priority 3)—The Hill—9:27 p.m.—Individuals in a backyard were being loud. The reporting person told them to quiet down. Officers confirmed that the noise was coming from kids in a backyard pool. Officers told the kids to keep it down and they complied.

• Disturbing Party—(Priority 3)—10th Street—10:20 p.m.—Individuals were outside playing the harmonica.

Monday, July 12

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 3)—Ocean Avenue—2:12 a.m.—A group of approximately 15 individuals were playing loud music in a parking lot. A smaller group was also out in the parking lot smoking marijuana. All individuals complied with the officers’ commands.

• Disturbing Juveniles—(Priority 3)—College Park Drive and Purdue Circle—7 p.m.—The reporting person was moving his car and tried to confront a 17-year-old individual who was playing loud music and had his bright headlights shining.

• Municipal Code Complaint—(Priority 3)—College Park Drive—11:41 a.m.—A individual wearing a black hat, no shirt and blue jeans was seen on the south side of the street defecating.

Tuesday, July 13

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—El Dorado—9:59 a.m.—The reporting person checked on his cousin who called a paramedic two days prior. The cousin to the reporting person attempted to reach out to him and was unable to contact him.

Officers were able to locate the man and determined that he was OK and safe.

• Transient—(Priority 3)—Pacific Coast Highway and First Street—3:12 p.m.—A transient was sleeping on the south side of Pacific Coast Highway on the sidewalk. The reporting person just wanted to make sure he was okay.

• Suspicious Person—(Priority 2)—Ocean Avenue—8:05 p.m.—An individual wearing a blue shirt, prescription classes and possible shorts was seen attempting to climb the fence of a one-story residence.

When the individual was unsuccessful, he left the area headed down ocean and cut through an alley just before Fourth Street. Officers were unable to locate him.

• Fireworks—(Priority 4)—Ocean Avenue—8:26 p.m.—Eight individuals were seen lighting fireworks on the beach. The reporting person corralled them and then the individuals ran into a house on ocean. The reporting person is getting the address of the house the individuals ran into, he stated he would call the officers back once he got the information. The reporting person said he would not be waiting for officers, there was no answer at the location on Ocean.

Wednesday, July 14

• Welfare Check—(Priority 2)—13th Street and Ocean Avenue—1:42 a.m.—A man dressed in dark clothing in a wheelchair was in the middle of the street, between 13th and 14th streets. The reporting person said that she almost hit the man. The man in the wheelchair was possibly trying to move in the eastbound direction of the street towards 14th Street.

• Disturbing Subject—(Priority 2)—Marina Drive—1:34 a.m.—The reporting person can hear a male individual running back and forth in the alley. The individual was here yelling “I’m going to kill you and your girlfriend.” The reporting person thought that the individual in the alley wasn’t speaking to anyone. The reporting person stated that wasn’t the first time the individual had done this and that he did the same thing earlier that week. There is no description of the individual; he was only heard.

• Drunk—(Priority 2)—Marlin avenue—10:55 a.m.—A male individual had been drinking beer and appeared to be passed out. The individual was moving along.

• Municipal Code Complaint—(Priority 3)—Wisteria Street and Dogwood Avenue—12:09 a.m.—The reporting person believed someone was living out of their vehicle.

• Grand Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Marina Drive—6:23 p.m.—An individual reported the theft of a catalytic converter from a Honda Element.

The car was parked on the street.

Thursday, July 15

• Counseling—(Priority 3)—Eighth Street—2:51 p.m.—The reporting person gifted a friend a cell phone by mail. The friend in turn sold the phone and now the reporting person wanted to report the phone as stolen.

• Grand Theft Reported—(Priority 3)—Lampson Avenue—4:12 p.m.—The reporting person called to report two necklaces that had gone missing. The reporting person was calling on behalf of an undisclosed victim who noticed them missing the day prior but did not know exactly how long they were missing.

Friday, July 16

• Fraud Reported—(Priority 3)—Rock Landing Way—4:42 p.m.—The reporting person was scammed out of an undisclosed amount.

Saturday, July 17

• Illegal Parked Vehicle—(Priority 4)—Westminster Avenue—12:17 p.m.—A black Subaru, parked in a handicapped spot without a disabled placard.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Main Street—10:20 p.m.—A piano man who has played on main street in the past was back playing his piano. Tenants were complaining of the music being played.

• Disturbing Music—(Priority 3)—Main Street—11:16 p.m.—Loud music was being played at a location on main street. There was no answer inside the location when officers responded.


Crime Log: published Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021