Ongoing and upcoming local issues Oct. 26

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• Pedestrian death investigation: The police are still investigating the death of Sarah Krueger, who was struck by a car on Aug. 11 as she was crossing Pacific Coast Highway. According to Seal Beach Police Sgt. Michael Henderson, “In an accident of this seriousness, the investigator will attempt to ‘reconstruct’ the accident from the evidence which is time consuming.”

Krueger, 46, died of her injuries at Long Beach Memorial Hospital. According to the police, the  driver remained at the scene. Some residents have launched a petition drive to have the city install a turn light at the intersection where the accident occurred. However, Pacific Coast Highway is under the jurisdiction of Caltrans.

• Lost Gum Grove Tree grove: The legal fights over the 2016 removal of 153 trees from Gum Grove Park is over. However, the trees have not yet been replaced.

According to Recreation Manager Tim Kelsey, “Staff has not outlined a planting schedule just yet but discussions are continuing.  Currently, it is too hot to plant trees.”

• Labor negotiations continue: As of Monday, Oct. 23, the city government is still negotiating with the Police Officers Association and the Police Management Association.

• Office of police chief: Joe Miller is interim chief of the Seal Beach Police Department. According to Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegos, staff are engaged in internal discussions about recruting a permanent successor to former Chief Joe Stilinovich, who resigned in May.

• Beach parking fees: The California Coastal Commission has not yet approved the city’s planned increase in fees for beach parking. Gallegos said, “The parking fee increase application is still in the preparation process.”

• More parking news: In August, Seal Beach officials launched a pilot program to evaluate various types of parking meters in the existing city parking lots on Main Street. The pilot program, originally intended to last 60 days, was extended. Gallegos said the program will end on Oct. 31.

• Development director position: Gallegos said recruitment of a permanent director of the Community Development Department will probably take place next year. Crystal Landavazo is currently serving as interim director.

• Dog park: Some Seal Beach residents asked the Recreation and Parks Commission for a dog park in Old Town Seal Beach. The commission meeting for Wednesday, Oct. 25, was cancelled, so the issue will be addressed at some future date.

• More Gum Grove news: A resident pointed out that the grass at Gum Grove Park had become high. “We have been waiting to make sure that we do not disrupt the wildflowers that naturally grow in the area,” Kelsey said.

• Benches on the Beach:   “A coastal development permit has been submitted and staff is waiting on date from commission staff,” Kelsey said.

•The DWP property, also known as Ocean Place: As the Sun reported earlier this month, the developers of the land on First Street, next to the San Gabriel River, are still waiting for the California Coastal Commission to issue the required permit. This week Ed Selich, the project manager for development of the former DWP site, said nothing had changed since the start of the month, when he said he had provided the Coastal Commission with everything it requires to issue a Coastal Development Permit.

• West End Pump Station: In mid-October some citizens noticed that the door of the West End Pump Station was open at night. Gallegos said, “Regarding the open door at the West End Pump Station, the gas department replaced the meter to the generator in the afternoon and as they were finishing up they determined there was another repair that needed to be made inside the building so they stayed late to fix it (thus the light was on and door opened).”

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