News updates: coyotes, committees, etc.

This 2014 photograph was taken on Crestview Avenue in Seal Beach. Photo by Kimber Griffith

• Bay Theatre: Paul Dunlap, of the Dunlap Group and owner of the iconic Main Street movie house, says the roof of the Bay has been replaced. Demolition has begun on the old stage. The architect is working on the interior design of the project. Dunlap said they are looking at designs for the “front of the house, if you will,” specifically the concession and restroom areas.

• The fire subcommitee: The first meeting of the Citizens Ad Hoc Fire Services Advisory Committee will be held at 5 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 5, in the Seal Beach City Council Chambers. The commitee is looking at the city’s options for emergency services.

• Gum Grove trees: The city has not yet begun planting replacements for the 153 trees that were cut down without the city’s approval in 2016. According to Assistant City Manager Patrick Gallegos, it is unlikely the work will begin before the New Year.

• Coyotes: Social media lit up with reports of coyote sightings in the Seal Beach area last week. However, the Long Beach Coyote Reporting App Viewer online map did not list any recent sightings. The sightings were confirmed by the head of Long Beach Animal Care Services. “Yes, there has been a noticeable uptick in coyote reports the past couple weeks in Seal Beach,” said ACS Manager Ted Stevens. “The online map is generally updated every month. October should be posted in a couple days and November will get posted next week.”

District One Councilwoman Ellery Deaton said she received a text about a coyote sighting on Thanksgiving Day. “My response was that I hoped each occurrence is being called in to Long Beach Animal Control because that is how our Coyote Management Plan is activated,” Deaton said.

“After much community involvement we came to consensus on our coyote management plan and how to implement it,” she said. The plan is available on the city website.

“I’m told this is the time coyotes are preparing for the mating season. I have checked with (Assistant City Manager) Patrick (Gallegos) and while Leisure World has reported an uptick in activity, no such increase in reporting has been done from Old Town. Moreover in the Animal Control Coyote report there are 4 sightings reported from Old Town and NO pet attacks from September 1st to November 27th. (That report is available from Long Beach Animal Care Services, 562-570-7387.) I can’t emphasize strongly enough that people need to report both the number and aggressiveness of each event. That’s what activates our Coyote Management Plan,” Deaton said.To report coyote activity online, visit

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News updates: coyotes, committees, etc.