Local water polo team takes gold at Jr. Olympics

Age 10 & under girls go undefeated in 7 matches to win title

Pictured after the girls walked off the USA National Stage and received their Gold Medals and First Place Trophy. These Girls train at the McGaugh Elementary Pool and some attend McGaugh. Pictured from left to right the 10u Shore Girls Team: #3 Adelei Mosteller, #2 Claire Billish, #11 Sydney Kredell, #4 Chloe Mobley, #6 Hope Wilderman, #14 Lilah Naber #7 Lillian Borja, #10 Kennedy Mills, #9 Madeline Presiado, #1 Mila De Luca , and #5 Katherine Rothery. Courtesy Photo

The 10 and under girls water polo team from Seal Beach: Shore Aquatics, finished 1st place at The USA National Junior Olympics recently at Stanford University.

The girls train and play against boys in competition. This training helped with keeping their edge on their competition throughout the 11 month period. The girls swim and play water polo up to 4 days a week with games on some of the weekends each month.

This Championship Team played their hearts out. They finished the tournament undefeated.  They were Champions in and out of the water. Two of the teams had told our girls that they liked how nice they were to them after the game. The girls cherished that and rooted for those teams throughout the tournament. This Shore 10u team’s hard work and determination was shinning bright in every game they played July 23-24 weekend at the 2022 Junior Olympic Championships.

These National Champions follow the Lead of four other Olympians from Seal Beach and McGaugh Elementary: Rachel Fattal (2016 Gold, 2020 Gold) Adam Wright (2004, 2008 Silver, 2012) Tim Hutton (2008 Silver, 2012) and Chi Kredell (2000). The team is coached By Darby Huff (pictured), Jason Mills, Joe Billish, and Chi Kredell.

Free tryouts for water polo begin at the Belmont Plaza Olympic pool on August 15-19, from 5 to 7 p.m. The free week trial is for ages 14u, 12u, 10u and beginners for boys and girls. This free week is only for new children to our program.  This week is to introduce new young children to water polo without the stress or pressure of being matched up with other more seasoned players. Players need to be able to swim two laps (25m each lap) without stopping or using the lane line for assistance.  Splash Water polo (beginning) is offered after the first week for novice swimmers able to pass the swim test (usually 7-10 year olds).  Questions can be sent to waterpolo@shoreaquatics.com.

Shore Aquatics Swim Team begins at McGaugh Pool August 22 at 5:30 p.m.

Tournament Results

Shore Aquatics 15, Commerce 5 

Shore Aquatics 16, La Morinda B (northern CA) 2

Shore Aquatics 16, 680  (northern CA) 4

Shore Aquatics 14, San Clemente 4

Shore Aquatics 13, La Morinda A (northern CA) 4

Shore Aquatics 10, Diablo (northern CA) 3 (Semifinals)

Shore Aquatics 12, Greenwich (Conn.) 4 (Gold Medal)

Local water polo team takes gold at Jr. Olympics