Letters to the Editor: Thursday, March 2, 2017

Picnic benches on local beach

As a resident of Seal Way, I received information that there will be a Coastal Commission public hearing to discuss a proposal by the City of Seal Beach to place “a maximum of 14 public picnic tables … on the sand at the street ends of each street in between 10th Street and Electric Avenue with associated signage. There will be a maximum of two tables per street end.”

With all due respect to the city, it is my opinion that this is an egregious waste of resources, and an environmentally unsound proposal. If we are going to invest in improvements to the beach, why not purchase new trash cans with lids that prevent seagulls and wind from scattering the endless amounts of trash left on our beaches? Additionally, the area of the proposed picnic tables is currently a deep hole, which is filling up with trash and who knows what else?! This corner has flooded over and over again, and the trash situation is a big problem. (See attached photos.) It is not my intention to disrespect the proposers of this idea, but it seems to me that we could do a better job prioritizing our resources and protecting our beaches.

The Coastal Commission Public Hearing: Wednesday, March 8, 2017 9 a.m. Ventura County Board of Supervisors Chambers 800 S. Victoria Ave., Ventura CA 93009 415-407-3211. Hearing Item Number: W7a Written materials can be submitted for review by the Commission. See Coastal Commission website: www.coastal.ca.gov.

Lisa Yamasaki

Seal Beach

Dear council members

Having a Seal Beach City Community Development Department Director is as superfluous as having a High Rise Development Director, and as much sense as having a four star lifeguard supervisor on staff all year long at a grand salary.

Somehow, we expect our city council to show some common sense. We have a city government over filled with employees with lavish salaries and busy with made up work. If you were running your own business you’d cut your payroll in half if you had all the superfluous employees like the city has.

If you take out Leisure World and Surfside, which takes care of themselves, Seal Beach is a very small city. Yet, it is staffed with lavish paid employees as if it were a city four of five times as large. Especially city manager Jill, if whose name was Jack instead of Jill would have been fired years ago.

You came to the council with the idea you were to be a representative of the people who voted you into office, yet you seem to be nothing but a camp follower of a slick, money grubbing egotist, who runs a closed shop of supplicants.

Your inattention to honest, prudent government has put Seal Beach into the ranks of cities like Bell. Unless you have been made to sign a pledge of loyalty to the city manager, like the Department heads have had to sign, why have your loyalty for a crooked city manager, and her comrades, instead of the people who elected you to your office?

Dwayne B. Smith

Leisure World

Birthday at Walt’s Wharf

Celebrating my birthday recently, my friends took me to Walt’s Wharf. The first floor was jammed and we went to the second floor. It was nice and cozy. Varieties of seafoods were tempting. I had fun ordering my favorite grilled salmon with all the trimmings. We had a great time socializing while enjoying our nutritious savory meals. The waitress was friendly and accommodating. We enjoyed strolling by the boardwalk afterwards. The enthusiastic surfers braving the waves were  exciting to watch. Young and old enjoyed walking by the beach.  Youngsters  had fun running and trying to catch the seagulls. Laughter was everywhere.  What a wonderful day to cherish and celebrate my natal day with thoughtful, loving -friends.

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure world, Seal Beach