Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015


Happy 100th birthday for Leisure Worlder

Celebrating Lois Cline’s 100 year old party was terrific. The hallway to the terrace by the waterfront was elegantly decorated with blow-up photos of Lois from childhood to present.

I loved the one where Lois donned a white nurse uniform with a cute hat. Very professional and very pretty woman. The party was held at Lois’ son David’s gorgeous home in Newport Beach by the waterfront. We feasted on a nutritious and delicious brunch by the lovely terrace. Colorful boats were passing by and the passengers were cheerfully waving at us. Very enchanting. I enjoyed socializing.

The artistic piano cake was especially made for the celebrant’s expertise—a great pianist of classical music. Her love for keynotes was manifested by her amazing gaze at her piano cake . I’m always overwhelmed by  her awesome music.

Lois’s family  did an excellent job to make this very special, memorable  occasion a success. Everyone had a fantastic time.

To my kindest next door neighbor, HAPPY CENTENARIAN YEAR, LOIS!

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure World

Is Trump a hero?

The word “HERO” is used loosely in today’s vocabulary. It  doesn’t take much to be called a hero now days. Just recently a man was given  an award for heroism just for putting on a dress and lipstick. Some are called  heroes just because of their job description, even though they  themselves never did a heroic act.

A lot of people believe Donald Trump is a hero including  myself. Even though he’s a little rough around the edges, he is bringing up a  lot of things that need to be brought out into the open and at the same time  realizing that there would be a lot of scorn, especially from the liberal  left.

These mealy-mouth politicians wouldn’t dare speak the truth for fear of  being labeled a radical and mean spirited. These self serving politicians are  out for the glory and big pensions and are just the opposite of heroes,  they are cowards and they are running and ruining our country.

Americans  need to take off their blinders and make a stand.

Donald Trump may not be nominated for the presidency but he  is doing a great service by talking about things that need to be talked about.  He is a true HERO!

Leo Mitchell

Long  Beach

Letters to the Editor: Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015