Letters to the Editor: Sept. 2, 2010


Seal Beach angels come to the rescue  of cyclist

On Sunday, Aug. 15, my husband had a bad bicycle accident on Lampson Avenue, near its intersection with Seal Beach Boulevard.

Almost immediately, people were pulling over to offer help—to call 911 for us—one even handing me her cell phone.

A female  bicyclist also stopped to offer help, as did a physician. CHP was there almost immediately, as were the Seal Beach police. EMTs from the Seal Beach Fire Department arrived within minutes, and determined that an ambulance was needed.

My husband was on  his way to Los Alamitos Medical Center within minutes of the accident.

The CHP officer stayed behind with me, to ensure that the bicycles my husband and I were riding would get home safely, so that I could get to the hospital.

Everything happened so quickly that I never got the chance to find out, or thank, all  the wonderful people who cared enough to stop and offer help. I want to use this opportunity to let them all know how much they are appreciated!

(My husband required surgery, but is home and doing well.)

Kathy Herron

College Park East

Seal Beach

Letters to the Editor: Sept. 2, 2010