Letters to the Editor: published Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019


Boardwalk or bike path?

I want to know why the Seal Way “BoardWALK” is now a designated “Bike Path”? The yellow strips and white arrows were painted today, Aug. 15.

Why no public discussion? Who is responsible for this?

Garry Myrwold


Opposed to farmer’s market

As the business owner of Baby Boomers at 240 Main Street for over 31 years, I am opposed to any farmer’s market/street fair that the city is proposing whether it’s for 12 weeks, one year or even a trial period mainly due to the lack of parking the city has to offer and the increase in incoming and outgoing traffic. Crime and the element that comes with this type of venue, also the trash, and sales tax being withheld from city!

As a business owner the idea that the city wants to hire an outside promoter to bring in 30 to 50 pop up shops from Huntington Beach to be set up in Seal Beach on Main Street in front of existing Main Street businesses, windows, and store fronts, is unfair and bad business practices to any business who paid for a city business license, insurance and who pays city sales tax and also who has employees who have workman’s comp, etc., etc.

Again, I am opposed! Closing down Main Street will not increase sales, revenue will be lost.

Permanent tow away signs emptying out Main Street parking on evenings of this event starting at 3 o’clock. Beauty salons, manicurists, hair salons, retail establishments, and restaurants’ happy hour dinner—there will be none of these services rendered for the lack of traffic and parking to any of those existing businesses and it’s not just for a 12 weeks but for a 52 week period. And for what? Fruits and vegetables supposedly fresh at 5 o’clock in the evening. This is gonna be more trouble than it’s worth for evening night traffic coming into town. They will be diverted out of town and those customers will not be coming back.

David Marcus

Seal Beach Main Street

Since 1988