Letters to the Editor: June 17, 2010


LW sewer treatment deal can’t pass smell test

With my water bill I received notice of new rates. At first blush it appears rates have gone down. This is more than made up with the announced 15 percent increase in the Sewer Capitol Fund.

The notice didn’t mention that Leisure World received a greater reduced rate than the rest of us.

What the city fails to inform residents is that Leisure World does not pay the Sewer Capital Fund assessment. Why?

Our esteemed City Council says Leisure World has its own sewer system.

Try and find it. Leisure World pipes their sewage into the city sewer system on Seal Beach Boulevard and into the pumping station at Westminster Boulevard.

Every resident in Seal Beach dumps their sewage into the city sewer system, but they don’t get a free ride.

While on the subject, Leisure World doesn’t pay the Street Lighting Assessment either.

The City Council exempted them because they have their own lights. All residents of Seal Beach have their own lights. That is not the point.

The point is that since the city cannot raise property taxes, they tax city lights. The city is entitled to be well lighted and we should all pay, not just some of us.

Leisure World also did not have to pay for the LAUSD school bond, which was the worst case of favoring one portion of town over others that I have ever seen.

A city manager once said, “I can keep my job if I can count up to three.” That is two Leisure World votes plus one other. The other three council members have their own pet projects so logroll to get the critical two votes. We are all equal but some are more equal, i.e., some get a free ride.

Bruce Stark

Seal Beach

Coyotes and pit bulls

Regarding the recent article about the dangers of coyotes, I would like to say that it seems to me that we decry or kill any wildlife when it becomes an inconvenience in our society.

The coyote has lost most of it’s habitat to the construction of new homes in California. We are encroaching on their territory, not the other way around. Irvine is set to kill rabbits because they are ruining gardens!

Coyotes in the wetlands attacked my dog in the wetlands. I was near him at the time, and was able to run them off. It was through my negligence that my Pit Bull “Bliss” was attacked.

I watched as he played with one coyote, which seemed innocent until three more appeared and attacked him; It was very poor judgment on my part to say the least. The author commented that she was afraid to leave her 3-year-old in the backyard, and I say that a 3-year-old should never be unsupervised in a backyard or anywhere else!

Gandhi once said that a society should be judged by the way we treat our animals.

We then have failed as human beings to respect, uphold, and nourish wildlife preservation, blighted by our fears, ignorance and indifference. The only predator we need fear is the two-legged kind; we destroy our own species.

Susan Wilkolawski


Leisure World election

I received my ballot yesterday (May 20) for the upcoming Mutual 15 Board of Directors election.  The ballot itself looked fine.

Enclosed were the usual resumes from the nine candidates running for seven seats on the Board.  However, there was an additional flyer with the heading “VOTE FOR THESE RESIDENTS AS YOUR DIRECTORS” that pictured six incumbents plus one hand-picked individual.  All were identified below the picture followed by a statement: “We are all incumbents (William Fox—Advisory Director since 3/2010.”. The flyer went on to state: “What have others running for the Board told you?  Don’t be misled.”

The other two candidates were not privileged to have a supporting flyer included with the ballot-mailing.  Their flyers had to be hand delivered.

Is this a fair election?  Or, is it biased?  What are the rules?

A company called Accurate Voting Services, Inc. of Laguna Niguel was paid to ensure that we have a fair election.

Their return address is on the envelope containing the ballots.  All members of Mutual 15 paid for this service through our monthly assessment.

Does Accurate Voting Services hold some responsibility?

Does Golden Rain Foundation hold some responsibility?  Do the president and current Board members of Mutual 15 hold responsibility?  Again, I ask: is this election legal?  If not illegal, it is certainly unethical.

Lucille Martin

Resident of Mutual 15

Seal Beach Leisure World

Letters to the Editor: June 17, 2010