Letters to the Editor: Jan. 14, 2016

Are the laws followed?

As everyone knows the Seal Beach 55+ Community has many rules and regulations.  There are five (5) policy books which are listed as Series 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000.  All of which have many listings of rules and policies.

However, there is a Documents book of the Golden Rain Foundation and a Declaration of Trust.  These items shall be given to anyone interested in residing in the “great” 55+ Community along with the “Occupancy Agreement.”

The Documents book also includes the Articles of Incorporation, By-Laws of the Mutual Corporations One through 16, which are ”providing housing on a cooperative basis in Seal Beach Leisure World.”

Here again an evaluation is necessary as there are California laws which are the governing laws as well.  They include California Probate, the California Appellant Court ruling on the Davis-Stirling Act that applies to the SB 55+ Community and the Declaration of Trust.

Now let the “SUN” shine on the facts!

Perhaps, it would be an excellent outcome if the Board of Directors of the SB 55+ Community would finally not violate the laws such as: GRF Articles of Incorporation, California Probate law, Declaration of Trust and the Davis-Stirling Act.

Carol Franz

Seal Beach

Resolving to do better

Diversity in various areas is not that easy to deal with. Being resilient is one of my New Year’s Resolutions that surely will help.

I’ve been attending a series of seminars at St. Mary’s in Long Beach with expertise-filled speakers in the field of medicine. This broadens my horizons, as well as joining Jolly Jills Red Hat Society, enjoying Zumba’s snychronizing movement with lively music, shopping sprees with friends, and borrowing tapes and books at the library. These things keep me busy and help me to be sociable.

Other things I am working on: More intake of fruits and vegetables; less red meat, shortening, sweets, and sodium; daily drinking eight glasses of water, and taking 30 minutes to walk with associates or friends, enjoying parties and dining out with club members, etc.My New Year’s Resolutions will be fulfilled in good health and full of cheer.

Lisa A. Dickson

Leisure World

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