Letter to the Editor: Thursday, March 29, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Wetlands swap

In last week’s LW Weekly the front page article, “Wetlands Swap Moves to Coastal Commission” documents the complex negotiations between the Los Alamitos Wetlands, the California Coastal Commission, and the oil industry. It reads like a magnanimous exchange by turning over 188 acres of property formerly used for pumping out oil over many past years, and converting these lands back to their natural habitats with walking trails, recreational areas, and return of the original plants and wildlife. This all to be completed over a 44 year period of time, long after you or I will be around to enjoy it.

So here’s the deal. What the oil companies are asking for in exchange for relinquishing this toxic land back to the city of Long Beach, and a promise to restore these former wetlands over a 44 span of years is:

They will receive mitigating credits for restitution of these designated lands, which in turn could be sold to developers.

Permitted to consolidate their operations, and drill 120 new wells in a 7 acre plot off PCH know as “the Pumpkin Patch,” which, by the way, sits directly on the Newport-Iglewood/Rose Canyon fault that in the past has set off magnitude 6.8 to 7.5 earthquakes.

I ask you to consider what this project, if completed, could mean to the property values of our homes in Leisure World, the possible contamination to our drinking water supply, and the quality of the air we breath.

Stevin Cohen

Seal Beach, Leisure World

Mutual 14

Re LB’s East Side  homeless encampment

To LB Major Mario Garcia

I have been observing something happening in Long Beach that disturbs me tremendously. I have been watching the establishment of a “Homeless Encampment” on the rocks of the San Gabriel River. This “Homeless Encampment” has been growing at the rate of 1 or 2 tents or tarps every week (there are currently 5). I have also noticed that the rocks surrounding this “Homeless Encampment” have been spray painted with very bright and disturbing colors, I call Graffiti.??I have been watching the issues and problems surrounding the Santa Ana River Bed Homeless Encampment and wondering if this is going to happen here?  It looks like the LB Homeless Encampment has gotten a good start. And once this gets started how do we stop it or control it? Isn’t it against the law to camp on the rock jetty and spray paint the rocks? Did you know the San Gabriel River Bed goes right past the Santa Ana River Encampment, no wonder these people are here.??I have called the two council people and expressed my concern to them. Their response has been we’ll notify the appropriate departments. So far I’ve seen No Action. If this is allowed to continue The city of Long Beach and soon The city of Seal Beach are going to have a BIG PROBLEM. I mention The city of Seal Beach because they’re only 50 feet away from the Homeless Encampment and they have nice rest rooms and showers on the beach, very close.??I know it’s not against the Law to be Homeless. Here are some of the issues surrounding these Homeless Encampments, I.e. Crime, the Safety of our Family and Homes and lets not forget the Drugs and Health issues plus the cost to Police it.

I have enclosed three pictures (not shown) to support my statements; these pictures were taken from the parking lot in the city of Seal Beach at the River’s End and Seal Beach Maintenance Yard. This “Homeless Encampment” is approximately 100 yards from the end of the parking lot at Ballast Point restaurant just at the end of the dirt service road. Please zoom in on these so you can get a better look. ??Thank You for your time and hopefully support. Aren’t the elections on April 10th ? Good Luck.

Mike Kelly

Long Beach

Questions for author of ‘Constitution’ letter

I have just a few questions for last week’s letter writer bemoaning the ongoing loss of her rights and liberties. I would like to request a couple of clear examples so I can better understand her concerns. She offered none in her letter – only that we keep passing these infuriating things called “laws”. She also states she will only support representatives that uphold the Constitution. Does she have any concerns about a president who consistently and deliberately undermines our trust in the fourth estate – the free press that is rightly enshrined in our First Amendment? Does it bother her that Mr. Trump has even threatened lawsuits against said press? Totalitarian and authoritarian leaders are quick to diminish the public’s trust in the press for their own purposes. Mr. Trump not only engages in tearing down any media that contradicts (using things called “facts”) or criticizes him, but openly praises and supports other world leaders who are actively and willfully suppressing and even jailing their own media watchdogs—Turkish leader Erdogan and of course Russian leader Putin come immediately to mind. Finally, she expresses disgust at the “snowflakes” who can’t bare to hear words that run counter to their own narrative, again giving no clear examples. I would like to ask – is she concerned about the snowflakes who get a case of the vapors whenever someone says “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? This inquiring mind would like to know!

Cathy Goldberg

Seal Beach

Support the will of the people

The second amendment reads as follows: “A well regulated militia being necessary of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” It was written in 1789, six years after the end of the war for Independence when Britain signed a treaty recognizing the US as a sovereign nation. The war was fought by Americans that joined militias to oust the British. The authors of the Constitution were writing from their recent experiences. Today, in 2018, we have an extremely well regulated militia, it is called the army, navy, air force, marines, etc. As a nation we spend more on our militia/military complex than the next eight countries combined (https://www.pgpf.org/chart-archive/0053_defense-comparison). We have a well regulated militia that is equipped with every type of weapon imaginable, including the AR-15 and similar weapons. AR-15 rifles are military weapons designed specifically to kill people. They serve no other purpose.

The majority of mass shooters of the last ten years used legally obtained AR-15 rifles to gun down their victims. None were part of a militia—most were white, male and obviously mentally unstable-you would have to be to commit such an evil act.

They have been described as “lone wolves” or other such terms, regardless of their political motivation-never terrorist. That term is reserved for people of color, or of a particular religion, but I digress. The majority of mass shooters used AR-15 rifles to gun down their victims. The recent Parkland shooting was a tipping point and resulted in hundreds of marches around the world in support of some type of gun regulation in our country. Today I can walk into a gun shop in most states and walk out with an AR-15, a weapon designed only to kill people, no questions asked, no background check. In many states I can walk around openly with that military weapon slung around my neck.

That is not common sense, that is insanity in my opinion. The majority of Americans favor some form of gun regulation, the minority that owns the guns blocks every attempt at legislation, via the NRA.

That is NOT a government run by “we the people” as the 3-22 letter states. It is the control of our representatives by a very powerful special interest group, not “the people”, as the founding fathers intended. That is why I have and will continue to vote against any representative that is in the pocket of the gun lobby, Dana Rohrbacher in particular. We have a primary election coming on June 5th. That is our opportunity to vote for our beliefs. If you are not registered to vote, please register now, it can be done online. I hope that everyone votes on June 5th, vote your conscience and let’s get some common sense gun legislation passed soon before more innocent lives are gunned down.

Claudia Horvath