Home and Hearth: McGaugh Fall Carnival will be a family affair


Its Fall Carnival time at McGaugh Elementary School

McGaugh Elementary School in Seal Beach’s Fall Carnival has a long history of making our community better.

The event raises money for our children’s education and helps to keep the school one of the premiere facilities that make living in our seaside city such a valuable experience. Nothing makes a community shine more than what it does to give its children a good start in their education.

It reflects on so many other aspects of our lives and those of our children.

This year, the carnival is scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29 at the McGaugh School campus at 1698 Bolsa Ave., Seal Beach.

Although many would agree that some traditions are meant to be broken, such as actually eating some thing made from your great grandmother’s holiday fruitcake recipe, the McGaugh Fall Carnival does not seem to be one of them.

Unlike Great Granny’s fruitcake, the McGaugh Fall Carnival not only raises money for our children’s education, it is also a day for fun and games that will leave school children and their parents with warm memories of those golden elementary school years, long after they become a thing of the past.

However, what a cherished memory they could be.

Yes, McGaugh’s Carnival is a family affair.

Guests need not worry. No one will try to guess your weight or throw a pie in your face … unless you ask him or her to. Perhaps then someone would be happy to oblige.

There will be arts and crafts, games, a pumpkin patch and a chance to win one those infamous carnival goldfish that live forever right … or in my case a couple of days if it’s lucky. Umm, if the parent is lucky. Adults enjoy the McGaugh Carnival as well as the children. There are many indulgent treats like kettle corn and fried Twinkies.

Now, while I’d like to say that none of the calories consumed during the event would count toward your daily caloric intake, which would be a lie.  So allow me to digress and change the subject.  Did you know that there will be great items to bid on in the McGaugh School Fall Carnival Silent Auction?

This is good news as the holiday season approaches.

I hope to see many McGaugh families as well as those whose children have grown and gone, attend the carnival and relive some of those golden memories. They signify so much of what we think of as the circle of life.

Stephanie Gonshack is a longtime resident of Seal Beach and a mom of McGaugh Elementary School children.

Home and Hearth: McGaugh Fall Carnival will be a family affair