Crime Log: published Thursday, March 28, 2019

Editor’s note: The Crime Log is based on the most recent and detailed information provided by local law enforcement. This week’s Seal Beach log is based on both detailed version of logs for March 9 to 10 and March 15 through 17 and a summary version of the log for March 14 through 21. The combined documents represented 91 pages of information. Space does not permit listing of all incidents or arrests.


Saturday, March 9

Transient (Priority 3)—8:08 a.m.—College Park Drive and Yale Lane (College Park West)—The caller said a man who was apparently described as a transient was holding something and waving it around. Police unit 106 responded. Unit M7 was apparently available for back up, but did not participate. The man apparently checked out. Unit 106 determined no further law enforcement services were required. Incident response time: 16 minutes 54 seconds.

Hail By Citizen (Priority 3)—12:34 p.m.—Ocean Avenue—A citizen apparently flagged down police unit 940 to report that a man (no further description was provided) was causing a disturbance of the peace with himself in the parking lot. The log provided no further details about the disturbance. Unit 940 was unable to locate the man in question. The call was classified as self-initiated by the officer. Incident response time: 1 second. On-scene: 1 minute 47 seconds.

Arrest (Priority 2)—9:33 p.m.—Lampson Avenue and Basswood Street—The caller told 911 that a car traveling eastbound on Lampson Avenue was swerving. As of 9:34 p.m., the car had hit a curb. Then the car turned onto Heather. Dispatch advised the caller to turn on the caller’s hazard lights. As of 9:36 p.m., the caller said the driver in question hit another car on Guava. The suspect car had pulled into a garage. As of 9:37, the caller apparently told dispatch that the driver in question had hit something pulling into the residence. According to the log, the caller contacted the driver of the other car. As of 9:39 p.m., the caller was not answering questions from dispatch. As of 9:53 p.m., police unit S20 was on Guava with the car that was reportedly hit. As of 10 p.m., police booked Kathy Marzanna Zajac on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 percent or more. Police units 207, 241, and S20 responded. Incident response time: 54 seconds.

Thursday, March 14

Arrest—Pacific Coast Highway—Police arrested Armando Narvette on suspicion of disorderly conduct involving alcohol.

Arrest—12th Street and Electric Avenue—Police arrested Clinton Ronald Tanner on suspicion of threatening to commit a crime with the intention to terrorize.

Arrest—Old Ranch Parkway—Police arrested Chantell Njeri Munyahe on suspicion of receiving stolen property worth more than $950.

Friday, March 15

Suspicious Circumstances (Priority 2)—7:19 a.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The caller was out for a walk and noticed two men in front of the location. The caller said one of them was watching the street. Police units 107 and 141 responded. As of 7:34 a.m., unit 107 advised dispatch that it appeared workers were present. Police apparently determined that the individuals at the location were OK. No further law enforcement services were required. Incident response time: 10 minutes 16 seconds.

Burglary Report (Priority 3)—8 a.m.—First Street—The caller reported a break-in at the construction area on the northwest corner of the location. Burglary tools were reportedly left behind. Loss: unknown at that time. Police unit 107 took a report. Incident response time: 16 minutes 13 seconds.

Petty Theft Report (Priority 3)—8:26 a.m.—Corsair Way (Bridgeport)—The caller reported that someone had taken a wheel chair from the area by the trashcans around 4 p.m., Thursday, March 14. Police unit 107 took a report. Incident response time: 21 minutes 36 seconds.

Saturday, March 16

Animal Welfare Check (Priority 3)—2:51 p.m.—Seal Beach Boulevard—The caller said a dog was in a pick-up truck and the windows were barely cracked. When police unit 106 arrived at the scene, the truck had apparently gone to another location. Incident response time: 15 minutes 24 seconds.

Traffic Stop (Priority 4)—6:10 p.m.—Pacific Coast Highway and Eighth Street—Police unit 941 stopped a car. Based on warrants, David Nathaniel Arsenio Carrillo was arrested on suspicion of petty theft and suspicion of public intoxication.

Disturbing Party (Priority 3)—10:19 p.m.—First Street (Old Town)—An anonymous caller complained about a large party and talking. Police units 207 and 241 arrived around 10:44 p.m. As of 10:47 p.m., police were unable to locate the source of the noise. As of 10:48 p.m., officers were unable to access an apartment complex gate. Disposition: unable to locate. Incident response time: 25 minutes 28 seconds.

Suspicious Property (Priority 3)—10:45 p.m.—Ocean Avenue (Old Town)—The caller was walking in the area when the caller found something suspicious. The caller touched the object and it felt hard. The caller was afraid to open it. Police unit 207 responded. As of 10:53 p.m., unit 207 was unable to locate the property. As of 10:54 p.m., unit 207 had located the suspicious property. It turned out there was nothing suspicious: there was just cold beer inside. Incident response time: 6 minutes 54 seconds.

Sunday, March 17

Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard and Forrestal Lane—Police arrested Amanda Kay Hopkins on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Disturbance (Priority 2)—3:33 a.m.—Westminster Avenue—The caller said an individual was inside the location, slamming his phone on tables. The caller speculated that he was possibly under the influence.

Police units 206, 207, 241 and S20 responded.

Police arrested Gavyn Ramirez on suspicion of public intoxication.

Arrest—Ocean Avenue—Police arrested Beau Ryan Davis on suspicion of possession of a controlled substance.

Arrest—Seal Beach Boulevard and Westminster Avenue—Police arrested Brian Christopher Stephens on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Wednesday, March 20

Arrest—Harvard Lane—Police arrested Juan Moran on suspicion of obstructing/resisting a peace officer or emergency medical technician.


Friday, March 15

Burglary—3:06 p.m.—Portal Drive—Police were called to investigate an apparent break-in at a storage unit.

Police said the unit’s owner had been served an eviction notice and that was scheduled to go up to public auction within a few days.

Police said they were investigating and noted it was registered in the owner’s wife name.

Dog Counseling—6:30 p.m.—Howard Avenue—Los Al police were called to advise a neighbor that his pit bull is required to be on a leash no less than 8 feet in length, the dog’s feces needs to be cleaned up and that a fire pit needed a screen to prevent embers from escaping. Also, police were told that the neighbor was not leaving enough room after parking for his handicapped mother to easily navigate.

Police contacted animal control and code enforcement to notify them of the problems.

Saturday, March 16

Disturbance—11:33 a.m.—Katella Avenue—Police were called to a residence where a lot of “yelling” was occurring.

Officers learned that a couple at the residence had been involved in a dating relationship.

Petty Theft—4:26 p.m.—Ball Road—Police were called to investigate a property theft of $490.83. Apparently, although police recovered most of the items, including rice cookers, various food and household products, they were searching for a man of about 50, who left the scene on foot.

Sunday, March 17

Public Disturbance—1:31 a.m.—Chestnut Street—Police were called to the scene of a woman screaming “get out” and other things.

Police noted that the woman had apparently suffered a “mental health episode.”

Monday, March 18

Pill Snatch—3:28 a.m.—Katella Avenue—Police were called to a local medical institution where a woman reported that a nurse had given her medication an hour before the patient was supposed to receive it. When the nurse realized, what she had done, she tried to snatch the medication but the patient refused. The patient reported the nurse “grabbed her arms and “squeezed her hand.”

The nurse was able to get the medication back and there was no indication of injury.

David N. Young of the Event News-Enterprise contributed to this article.